Ideas for map

Just some ideas for the map:

  • Do a low end map where you find ripped pieces of paper around the map. It’s not a full map, you need to piece it togeathor. The bonus of this is that if other people have the map and find things, it’s noted on the map. Makes killing people with a piece of the map rewarding. Can also show map specific ‘hidden’ things.

  • Have a mid tier map like Arma, can mark spots on it. Comes as a full map.

  • The high end map, basically like the map/gps system of arma. Gives the full map, allows you to mark it as well as giving GPS cords for you and your friends if they have a GPS as well…

I think something a long these lines would make the game interesting, especially the first one as it gives the opportunity to find players stashes and hidden spots.

No on GPS transponders, please, at the very least.

I like the idea of drawing your own map instead to mark where things are, because you can leave off identifying the actual landmarks, and remembering what they are for yourself, so if someone finds your map, they just see that X is a certain distance from O and a place marked A, but not that these correspond to Mt. Everust, a particular lake, and your base (unless they figure it out then bravo them).

The devs seem to currently be working on a “it fills in as you walk” style of map at least for an initial implementation.

I only mean for yourself, not that you can see other people… as stated, would be very high end. Playing DayZ when it was a mod, I hardly ever found one in my 6 months playing (probably got it 3 times).