Ideas for my HUD?

So I have recently started getting into coding gLua and I have been testing different things with coding it. So what has really got my interest was derma and the graphical side of gLua. One thing I have wanted to do was make a Dark RP HUD so I watched some videos on how to make a HUD with the Dark RP variables.

Here is a picture of the HUD itself

Now I wanted some suggestions and constructive criticism so I can work on making a great HUD.

You can post some code of what to add if you would like

~ Thanks for taking the time to check out my thread

My Eyes.

Edit: Tip change everything. Color Scheme, Layout, Shape & Font.

Colors are too bright, really help strain my eyes. Darken them a bit more also some of the text alignment is messed up, the top text needs to be proportioned properly, the health bar text and more is right on the edge of the actual bar and should be moved over some more or centred in the middle of the bar

not just trying to plug my own thread, but this thread was made for posts like these

I can tell you used TCB’s tutorial. So PLEASE: Move the text, change the font, change the colors, and the whole layout.

Yeah I plan on tuning it up, as for putting it in the Vgui thread I will soon but I’m on my phone atm. I used TCB’s tutorial because explains very well as for the layout what do you think I should do for it?

I would just let your imagination take over. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and begin. Or just wing it. I do that most of the time.

Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Also I was wondering how I could make the HUD to resize it self to fit other players screens?

Got me there. I haven’t even tried to myself yet. I hope someone else can help you. Best of luck!

You can develop and size your HUD to your preference on your resolution, then scale the size of all your HUD elements by a modifier.

To find the modifier just take the client’s resolution divided by the resolution the HUD was developed on. So if your resolution was 1920x1080…
Modifier X = ScrW() / 1920
Modifier Y = ScrH() / 1080

Now just multiply all your HUD elements sizes by these modifiers.

Acecool has better guide for doing this written up somewhere

TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER is your friend

Yeah I noticed that in one of the other tutorials I followed and I guess I just skipped over it or something :stuck_out_tongue:
but thanks for reminding me of it.

Here are some things to help you get started… Try using poly’s / shapes… Make the poly outside of the hook and change it when the resolution changes…

I wrote a simple hook which runs a hook.Call when resolution changes, example:

Creating a HUD:

Easy method of scaling your HUD: