Ideas for my server (Coming soon)

I will be making a server soon and so I thought too myself, I don’t have much ideas do I? So now I’m asking you guys for your ideas on what I should have on it like what gamemode? Or what addons?
What ever you think please post here - Thank you.

Wire, PHX, that’s all a good server needs, oh and flatgrass.


Not quite, he said gamemode, so better clarify:

Also multi parent tool and smartsnap. And physgun buildmode. And stacker. And Precision alignment.

All of these. Well actually, Smartsnap is clientside. My server doesnt have it because we all have our own. It doesnt NEED to be on the server, but it doesnt hurt.

It is? Weird, on my Windows partition I don’t even have it yet it works on your server.

Idea: Dont run DarkRP.

At the moment I’m working on getting HL2RP but if that doesn’t work I’ll try severance or if that fails also I may have to use shity Darkrp I hope it doesn’t come too that but I’ll see how it goes.

Why not use Novustwo? Or create your own with the Nexus skeleton.

GM_Bigcity, Sandbox, Phoenix Storms 3, Wiremod, and make sure any admins you pick can be trusted.

So far I have my admins and I’m still working on HL2RP but when I tryed Novus2 it sent me too Garry’s Base gamemode does anyone know how too fix this problem?
And I just don’t have any time too learn about how too make a gamemode at the moment because I’m currently on holiday I only get a chance too work on this at night time so really I need a simple way of getting these things ready because when I get back I’ll be making a temp server and if all goes well the proper one will come up shortly after the temp server goes down it may take a while to get the temp server up tho so hopefully it will be up VERY shortly after I get home.

It can be so many different reasons you get the Base gamemode.
Anything you’ve changed?

No but my computer just found a corupt file about 6 days ago and deleted the lot so time too start over but I’m gonna work as hard as I can when I get home on Friday morning

I’d make a personal recommendation of doing some RP gamemode, but do it on flatgrass or something so that it can be BuildRP, used to be very popular. At least to my experience.

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