Ideas for RollTheDice

I am working on a roll the dice addon and I am looking for some more ideas. Please post ANY ideas that you have!

Here is what I currently have:

-Says something random in chat.
-Jesse Pinkman
-Give PS Points
-Take PS Points
-Give Health
-Take Health
-Low Grav
-High Grav
-Slow Walk

make owner

Make disco colors with music coming from the player.

Does that make a bunch of horse props fall on your head?

Well, here are some that I thought of:

-Melon Rain: drops melon props on you.
-Jarate: adds a yellow watery post proccess.
-Firework: sends you into the air, then you explode.
-Death Metal: Death Metal starts playing, you move quickly, and it adds a red post proccess.
-Mario: gravity is lowered, and people die if you jump on them.
-Hunter: you can jump high, and walljump, and people take damage if you fall on them.
-Spiderman: gives you the SpiderMan SWEP.

crash server

host_timescale 20

My friend wrote up some FOV fuckery for my RTD and it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

Maybe look into that sort of stuff since you can do some crazy shit by messing with the field of view. I can’t remember the details, but for mine, you would quickly zoom into your character and it’d be like you were on the ceiling before zooming out.

Mic-on. Turns the guys mic on for 5 minutes. Could be fun to hear then a 9 year old kids cries because he gets killed by a traitor as innocent

you gave a wonderful reason NOT to do your idea

Lua’s math random seems about as reliable as the XKCD one.

Thanks for the input guys, keep is coming!

Nostalgia: a black post-process and all sounds are muffled.

Depends on gamemode type?

TTT you could add free credits/weapon/remove a weapon or credits? Announce your a traitor/respawn.

I don’t plan to be using this with TTT, but keep the ideas coming. Also the melon rain turned out to be a lot cooler then I thought it would!

Make an RTD ban you permanently. Make it have a 0.01 chance.

That sounds like a horrible idea, but it also sounds like a awesome idea. :v:

Yea but its got me thinking, a 1 minute ban would be funny =D

Also NiandraLades I ended up doing something with FOV, it turned out amazing!

Woohooo just hit 50 possible outcomes, but I could use some more ideas!!!


Hahah, you’re welcome. You could always do something that makes the player tiny/big or gives them pointshop items.

I also made this rtd outcome that tells the user the time. It’s dumb as fuck but it genuinely makes me smile.

I got the tiny and big, I will add the watch as well.

Ban the user for 10 minutes.