Ideas for Rush

Great game!!! Love it so far. Here are some ideas:

Add a town to enter and buy/sale items. No killing allowed in this town but once you leave it, you’re fare game.
Add coins/money to this game. Would make Looting so much more fun. Put it in cargo drops or bury it in the ground, with maps found in cargo drops or at the rad area ect ect. Would be a great find. Use the money in town to buy items.
Add a compass please!!! Or a way to get around the map. Location finder for your squad/clanmates.
Add spray paint. Nothing better then leaving your mark after a raid.
Add a flare gun. Getting lost sucks.
Add a way to show your squad/ clanmates or a way to turn off friendly fire. Please!!!
Add weather. Snow, rain, wind and fog.
Add squad/ clan logo paint. Let the enemy know who you are when they walk up to your base.
Add tea bagging. Everyone loves to teabag!!! Jk.
Add a chain saw. Chopping trees gets old quick!
Add water and make it a needed item to live. Getting water from the river or pond to live or bottled water in town or rad area can save your life…Or get you killed doing so.
Add more guns.
Add hand grenades .
Add big foot. Make running through the forest/woods more scary then it already is.

So much can be done to make this game even better then it is. Like i said, great game already!!! Thanks Garry!!!

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Sorry for the headline…Rust not rush…

this is a link to the games Trello. It shows what the devs are working on currently, and what you can expect in the next patch, as well as some short term future goals.

The problem with a “safe zone” is that people will camp the borders and slaughter anyone coming in or out. the only way to avoid this, is add a “teleport” feature that teleports you from your house, to the safe zone, then back to your house without you having to ever cross a safe/unsafe boundary. but that doesnt fit the game at all.

A compass is a decent idea… but anything beyond that(map, gps) is just dumbing the game down.

Spray paint would be awesome! but I have a feeling we’d have servers covered in large neon penises.

Flare gun is also an awesome idea. I’m sure that this will be implemented someday.

turning off friendly fire is also a bad idea, but I agree with having some way to tell who your friends are. maybe some kind of dye? so you could dye your clothes the same colors.

You kinda can teabag. they just cant see it. CTRL is the crouch button.

Chainsaw is easy mode.

I’m sure a thirst mechanism is somewhere in the Devs plan for the game, as you can find water, beans, and tuna which all have a “thirst” mod on them.

They are working on guns, and have had hand grenades for a looooong time.

I agree, they do need a more formidable opponent in the woods. bears are too easy to kill with a bow.

Agree on your responses except the city. You plan and plot in this game. Why not do it getting into and out of town. Maybe you work out a plan with another clan to go with you. Maybe they kill you after you come out with the goods. Its all what makes this game so freaking great!!!.
Spray paint could get out of hand but they could nerf it to run out fast or only pain on a few items. Like forts. If no paint then maybe a sticker/logo that fades after a day.
I dont remember any hand grenades. Ill look into finding them.
Thanks for your reply.

I’ve thought about the city, and adding some sort of currency as well. I just dont know how well it’d work in the game. I like the idea, im just skeptical of its practicallity.
The grenades are called “F1 Hand Grenades” i think… idk. they’re a fairly common blueprint, and fairly easy to make. it takes ~10 to blow up a wood wall.

I could see the ambushes at or near a city. KNOWING you are probably about to be attacked when you leave is a 100 percent chance and looking for away to avoid it is freaking awesome feeling.

I also think the flare gun would get great. You can use it to help someone find you but also know that the enemy sees this as well and will come for you. But then you can use it for a ambush as well.