Ideas For Rust. Please Read

After playing about 70+ hours of the game i have realized it best a bit boring, you got your metal base with 100+ metal doors and the guns you research one you got it forever. the guns should be a bit more expensive like you need bolts, bolts and springs. on the “gun” topic I think they should being in a rifle with an iron sight and you have to make/find the scope, there should be sway and bullet drop if you shooting from a way way. Another idea would be to add a map that has an “x” and you have to find it and dig it up, you would be one when you start the server! Not you die get it. With equipment I think they should be in a spade/shovel to get loot from the treasure maps, I think there should be a wooden door buster that cost a fair bit. (They should add this for the rush of people being complete idiots of just have one wooden door thinking there the fucking king) with the zombies they should make them alot harder coz you can be 50 meters away with a 9mm and kill them there should wonder in groups and if you get seen you would be absolutely raped and if you kill the prime one which would be like green and if he hits you, you will be poisoned and you need an antidote (he would be in the middle [only 1]) and there would be the second layer which would be red they would hit a little hard then the normal zombie (outer layer) though would make the survival aspect alot harder. On another topic would be weather, I think there should be snow, rain, heat waves and hail this would really bring the survival alive you know you would wear winter cloths when snow, hail or rain if not hail will hurt you, rain might create a cold for you and snow could be frost bit in summer if your wearing winter cloths you might over heat and pass out. There should be water and you need to find a water bottle or pot get the water from the bottle pour it in the pot heat the water to kill germs so you don’t get a cold then drink it, if you don’t get enough water you will faint and if your in a group people and give you water and your awake

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I Personally don’t want to see a map implemented ingame only maybe a compass. I do agree though it would be cool to have a scavenger hunt for treasure except maybe have an item that radiates towards the location of the X. Maybe not even that easy just have a location on the map with an X or bunker which is easily distinguished and you just have to find that bunker.

I agree with a zombie change maybe not make them harder but have stronger agro radius. I do not dispute they are easy though. I also agree with a poison and other environmental effects whether from zombies or just plants in the area.

I agree health and weather should have some additions. The ability to die from the cold. Have fresh spawns have a sort of grace period if there is already communities built to help fresh spawns. Thirst, Exhaustion, Overheating, and sickness should be added.

the treasure map only shows a part of the map so it harder to find for fresh people on the server you can’t keep it as a map

Zombies are being removed. Shouldn’t be included in the poll :wink:

i know :frowning: but just an idea

I had a thread regarding weather and seasons a while back, weather was confirmed to be coming by developer MaxofS2D.

thanks, man didn’t know?

It’s alright, I was just bringing it up. The thread is way down the list most likely, I let it die after getting information from a dev.

I’ve only had the pleasure of playing for a couple days but, even though I want to smash my laptop every time I get “WHACKED” by some ass-clown running around raiding every naked guy carrying a rock, I have to applaud the reality of the whole game concept. When society breaks down there’s going to be those who will be killing and taking everything they can from those who are powerless to stop them. However, with that said, it’s currently too easy to just run around marauding the landscape without there being consequences for your evil. I would suggest if you were the one to ‘strike first’ in a PvP and you are killed in the fight (or another PvP battle after that regardless who started it) there will be a 5-10 minute “cool-down” before you can re-spawn. Like a penalty box to make people reconsider detracting from the game by being a jack-wagon and running around like it’s an Arena Match in Halo. Also, as the game develops and more people join, I see factions developing within each server. Groups band together to build and protect their base of operations and vie for resources. So when one group attacks another they can’t just stockpile weapons at their camp and run back into the fight until after the cool down.

Regarding having an in game map. If there’s going to be a map in the game I don’t think it should be available "from the start”. It should be something that has to be crafted and is created as you explore the regions of the map. It should be an item, when opened from your ‘readied items list’, that’s filled in with only the landmarks and structures in your field of view. Example, stand on the edge of a valley and as peer out it should take about 10 seconds to be rendered on to the map, then turn and wait for the next segment to be rendered. It should be compiled of multiple sheets (say one square mile each) and when you’ve reached the edge of the section you started you have to open another sheet to add to the map. Each sheet must be crafted together to make a large comprehensive map.

You can have multiple map types (self-destructible, landmarks and structures only, etc). General maps that only show basic features (with the obligatory “You Are Here” arrow) that can be captured upon death and crafted to the victor’s map. Self-Destructing maps that upon death are destroyed because these maps can show not only where you are but where your camp is located and other spots you’ve marked on the map.

Regarding the “Treasure Map” notion, I don’t think it should be so much a treasure but maybe valuable wreckage. Consider this; they’re talking about removing the Zombies from the game and making it a straight “Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game”, so how about instead of zombies they’re armed NPC roving raiders or detestable groups who have given into cannibalism to survive. And these ‘NPC’s’ occasionally shoot down one of the cargo planes. Well the location of the crashed plane will show up on your map (if you’ve explored and had that section drawn). You grab your crafted shovel and off you go to battle it out for all the booty the crash-site has to offer.

I also agree with having the illness/cold/heat/overexertion effect you. Like not only will being affected by the cold slow you down physically but you can run the risk of getting sick. Likewise with heat & overexertion; you need to make a choice, do I “A – keep all bundled up with all this heavy armor” or “B – trade off some protection with being able to stay cooler and not become overexerted”. Or just carry a bunch of water with you to keep cool…

One thing I’d like to add. I think being able to set booby traps would be a great way to help defend your camp or the area around it. Like setting ‘punji sticks’ traps to injure and poison potential marauders or pressure plates inside that drop a grenade at their feet. Yeah, I’m a little twisted… LOL

damn bro you got some good ideas :slight_smile:

I would have loved to be a game designer… LOL

It takes half a neuron to map the game in your head after 20 minutes. There is a road that goes around the current map and you can easily tell where you are from landmarks like the differentiated rad towns. I don’t want the experience handed down to me. I want to create my own.

Want to play with friends? Whip out a community map (there are tons), and determine a place on it to meet and then follow the road. What I did was have the “hangar area” as my starting spawn. I built a shelter and started exploring. If I died I’d come back and I would know the surroundings. Later I found another good spot and did the same thing.

While I too have pretty much mapped out in my head where I am and where things are I would imagine, as the game continues to develop, they’ll be expanding the map and it won’t be just a “race track” to run around. Perhaps they need to remind players that the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. If they can’t do the math, “Darwin Says Hi”!!!

Personally, I would like to see “seeded maps” and not have the same map over and over. “The Dead Linger”, which is a very similar game also under development, is just like that and the maps are MASSIVE (on the scale of 6400 square Kilometers). While I haven’t read the “Game Development Roadmap” for RUST, “TDL” it’s no where near as entertaining to play at this point but I’m certain it’s going to be a major competitor. I feel having the same map over and over will be a huge detraction from the game should Facepunch decide to go that route.

There’s already a cooldown timer to respawn at sleepbag : 5 min
Even if you can have 100+ sleepbags …

I hear what you’re saying. Yes, if you die it takes five minutes before you can respawn at your “Camp” again. I was just suggesting the same criteria for those who are raiding (call it the PVP first strike rule) and running around like jackasses killing indiscriminately. I have routinely witnessed players running around an area around their camp indiscriminately attacking anyone who comes by.

You know, as you implied, maybe they “do” have it right. I feel one of the biggest strengths of this game is “realism”. Whenever society collapses there have been those that prey on others to try and get what they want. Perhaps having the game-play the way it is is the game developers way of forcing players to form groups and work together because groups are really the only defense to ass-clown marauders.

Regardless, it going to be exciting to see where they go from here with the game…

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Here’s an evil thought…

Find out where the raiders camp is located and when they’re not online build foundations in horrible locations around their camp so they can’t expand their base. Maybe they’ll move… LOL

Or build a fortress outside their camp door with a window overlooking their front door so you can gun them down when they come and go… MUHAHAHAHAHA…