Ideas for Rust!

Post all your ideas for Rust so the developers can see them!

A way to remove your building! I dont know if you can do it, but i dont know! xD


You should become better/faster at crafting items such as wood doors. Someone who has made there first wood door should take them a lot longer, and it should be a lot weaker (less than 56 hits with pickaxe to break).

Someone who has crafted 1000 wood doors should be able to craft them almost instantly and they should be very strong (100 plus hits with pickaxe to break).

I think the same should hold true to everything else also. Like making planks from wood. Maybe you could get more out of less materials the more you craft things as well. (example: more planks from less wood) ect…

All thats probably already been mentioned, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to mention it again.

PS: and add a slider bar, or a CRAFT ALL button when crafting a large quantity of something, so people don’t have to resort to either downloading an auto clicker or getting carpel tunnel syndrome.

Sounds like a pretty good idea!

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You currently CAN’T remove your buildings, but I think it would be pretty easy to abuse.

why dont you add military camps with human AI ?

Close the game until release, close the forum until release, permaban all users who ask for keys, etc.

All seriousness aside, I’d be interested in multiple locations off this island. I’m a fan of the abandoned city setting.

Ask the devs, but however.

a damn good idea, would love military camps with extra good lot, but no AI’s, more likely alot of zombies. Alot.

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Yeah, would be awesome with different islands, boats which you use to travel to them, or maybe between the 2 main island there is a bridge. Good idea!

They should put AI camps for the player to friend them for trade or kill them and loot their stuff.

Hmm, I don’t really see how AI camps fit in.

More like camps/cities which is overrun by zombies.

I don’t know if you know this, but so many people have glided over the fact that zombies are a complete place holder.

I do know that, just took ‘zombies’ as an example since I don’t know what they are going to replace zombies with.

Hey, these are just my ideas for things on the map :slight_smile:

I was thinking maybe we should add a research facility which would hold things like Blueprints (lots of them), Guns, ammo, food, but you have to be cautios as there would be lots of zombies

And you could add a army camp which would have things like Guns, Ammo, Blueprints but it would have LOTS OF ZOMBIES!

And you could have a barn which would have animals so you could get leather and food, and not to many zombies

And you could add a Mine which you could gather resources but not to many zombies as there would be lots of fresh spawns

And you could have checkpoints which are overrun which would have vehicles, guns, food and there would be lots of zombies

Leave more ideas below and if anyone has a spare key or account I would be gratefull if I could have it :slight_smile:

I know zombies won’t be in this game but I believe there will be some enemy when the game is released :slight_smile:

Fall damage, I just watched a player fall from (at least) 4 stories and not have a single scratch on them. I know it’s a lot more difficult than said but it would improve the game greatly.

Yes, fall damage will probably be implemented in the future.

I think the thing the game CURRENTLY calls for is the removal of self placed objects. When people misplace a wall, or whatever the hell, they just pick up and move somewhere else, leaving the structure there to contribute to the total entity count, and yet never be used again.

Same goes for those little 50 huts. I think EVERY player starts in one of those (their intended use) but then just abandon it. Having 200 shit huts all over the place seems to detract from the overall aesthetic of the game.


Some way to add craft amount faster, clicking the + button for 5000 times isnt fun

Yeah I think they really should do anything about the huts/buildings. I can imagine how annoying it will become when the game is released.

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Yeah, it will probably be a faster way in the future.

Terrible idea, loses the games realism!

who the fuck cares it’s a game not a simulator

Oh fuck, ALSO:

A repair tool. If people are hammering on your stuff, it reduces in quality. A repair tool could both stave off attacks, as well as repair after failed attempts.

Hmm…hard to balance…