Ideas for Rust

These are a bunch of ideas I came up with that I personally would like to see in the game at some point.

Game Mechanics:
-Digging-Find worms for fishing. Treasure.
-Party System
-Smoother Animation
-Increase Decay timers- I don’t have the time to be on constantly just to keep my shelter there.
-Randomize Resource spawns
-New player safe time-Give new players a full 24hrs or something where they cannot be killed my a player character.(not sure about this one) Trying to find more ways to stop from getting ganked right away.
-Offline Mode
-Server Player Que
-Going out on a limb with this one but- Ability to Buy/Hire an NPC guard- Trying to find ways to help protect your belongings and life when you are sleeping.
-Have cloth crafted using cotton
-Loot all button
-Sort button

-More distinct Landmarks
-More cities
-Open up more of the map (Make survivable)-I think players are way to congested right now.
-Add more resource spawns (more variations)
-Unique rare mob spawns
-Caves-unique mobs and resources found here
-Berries-Edible and poisonous

-Guns/Explosives- must be much much harder to craft/obtain. Requires complex and difficult items to make.
-More Melee weapons
-Different arrow types- Wood, stone, steel
-Maybe have a map system like minecraft (I hate to refer to it) Where you use cloth and as you walk around, you map it out on your cloth. Adds realism to the game, if you were new to an area, you don’t magically have a trusty map to show you everything. You need to explore it first.
-Sundials-Placeable one, even a small watch version. To tell the time of day.
-Safes- Extremely hard to break open.
-Wooden Signs
-Horses- Tame and mount.
-More light fixtures- Oil lamps/Tiki torches
-Backpacks-Extra inventory
-Chainsaw maybe-Hard to make, used to cut down trees. Extreme fast resource.
-Hidden storage-Hole in the ground with grass over top.

You’ve hit the nail on the head with these my friend!


LAN servers

clan tags and clan clothing, (can only be spawned) by admin

LAN servers will not be very good untill zeds or other hostile wildlife are made more of a threat, players are the main challenge atm.

How about night vision, you can only find it in airdrops/crates. but can’t craft so extremely scarce.

Mechanics that could be a possibility:

Since players already form a group together… Why not add a grouping mechanic so that may be able to add one another to the group allowing them to interact with placed down doors… Which takes away the reason to make their own separate doors to get out of their own base… Also maybe a marker of a sort above their head to help identify one another.

Just a little fix… Fix the model hands one the Hatchet and Pic axe to make the hand models consistent i am sure that it is something already being fixed, but just throwin it out there

Ways to identify your group will be awesome, not sure how they will implement it though, special icons on armor perhaps?

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Sounds awesome. Sick of the time of night where you can’t see anything.

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Oh yeah guys check this out: