Hello! I have now seen tons of videos on YouTube, and theres something that i really miss about Rust, plus som additional ideas!

  1. Kevlar armor: It looked like you where a marine soldier, when you was wearing this. Now its just black, which i dont really like… Please bring it back!

  2. Rope: Would be cool if you could tie a person up. Put him on a chair and tie him, or on the ground. I find it a little annoying, when youre saying they need to stand still, they just run away, which is not the point, because you want to give them stuff. It should expire after a minute or something, but that could be really cool for interrogate or something.

  3. Sniper scopes: It would be frickingawesomeamazing, if you could attach a zoomed sniper scope onto your bolt :slight_smile:

So thats it! Leave feedback etc etc…

They are removing military style weapons from the game. You can play Call of Duty for these things though.

Those caps in the title…
And btw your ideas are pretty old (except the rope thing, but I’m not sure about that).

The most valuable idea here is the scope. That would increase the range of attacking styles. It has been talked about allot and I am not sure whether it is planned or not.

I was surprised that they had’nt added any Soviet-era weaponry in the game. I mean, the Kalash is sort of standard in any type of shooter, more so in this game due to its higher durability in the field compared to an M4.

On topic though, I do agree that they ought to change the look of kevlar armor, I am positive that the developers wont leave it as it is of now. Although I wonder why they changed it in the first place…

I think the game could use a new sniper with a scope. That would require some engine update though, since it has to render farther. (And hopefully some frame rate smoothing along with it).