Ideas for RUST

Hi, me and my friend discussed what kind of things that would be nice to have in the game, in the future.

We both agreed on, that it would be awesome that on a later point in the game, there would be some sort of small caves in the mountains, and then an old man can (maybe) spawn in one cave. Then if you meet that old man, he would say something like “Hey…Hey you there… Is… Is all the meat still chicken?”. So it would be more like an easter egg that resembles the current version of RUST. He would look like the current player character as well, just “old” and be really thin.

So what do you think?

I think, cave is wonderful. I really want a large underground world, with many labyrinths and minotaurs.

I like your creativity but overall Rust still has a long way to go. I haven’t touched the game in months but I do check up on the main Rust trello just to see their progress. I am sure once they get mutants and the procedural generated map, along with customizable characters, this game may be a whole lot better.

I love the idea of caves but lets be honest with randomly generated maps on the way map size will have to be cut down if they add caves which im not in objection to seeing as the map size is already quite large to top it off there will be a lack of land marks in contrast to regular rust. (Lack of landmarks=Large portion of players wondering aimlessly)

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Yea it as a really long way to go, I agree on that. Same here, I havent played it, since I’ve done everything in the game so far, so I’m just waiting for the game to be “playable” as they say themselves.

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Well yes, it would be a problem since the maps are gonna be generated by a system. But it would be awesome if they somehow could manage to do so.

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I agree, it could be awesome :smiley: