Ideas for substitute for cars.

So I was thinking about transportation for when the map is eventually expanded and requires a bit more traveling than it currently does and I came up with the following idea. What if you could bait wolves or bears and train them, and then construct a chariot and use them for travel? It’s pretty silly, but for a game where everybody is completely naked and where they’re introducing stone pistols, I don’t think it’s a far fetch.

I can just imagine the fear that you’d bring upon your enemies coming over the hill with a bear led chariot.

Or horses, that’d be cool too I guess. Anything besides a cherry red sports car that looks like it was air dropped out of the 90s.

Horses aren’t bad, but I like the idea of vehicles, maybe not cars but dirt bikes and that sort.


battle bus.

Maybe have like crude vehicles and stuff.

Or a flintstones car.

Or maybe we could have Kick scooters… and push ourselves into battle…

i dont like the idea of cars… but, i really dont known how big the final map will be…


I have thought about it to, having horses and wagons is much better then the current cars, if they want cars then make them more usefull with craftable armor on them and shit so they look more home ade for the current state of the world , but first open the Map

Horse’s, Dirt bikes, Training deer to ride on, And maybe even a car or two. Now that being side to make a dirt bike or a car it should be really hard to craft, And really easy to destroy or steal.