Ideas for Supporting Solo Players

You all know that playing on non modded servers has a high tax on solo players. The amount of time to gather, craft and build reasonable bases or make good achievements is too much for one person.

Modded servers on the other hand can offer the resource multiplier mods, with instant crafting times, which can help solo players. Sure, the advantage is also affecting clans, but the penalty is as high as official servers. Hit a tree twice, kill one animal, click the mouse, and you have a ladder. You can now climb the clan’s base. If a base owner is offline for few hours, you make a lot during that time.

Don’t take my words literally, but yeah… things can be easier for solo players there.

So, how can official non modded servers boost solo players?

The issues lies in TIME.

It’s the biggest enemy for solo players. Here’s my ideas, which can be built upon if you agree with the concept anyway. These are just ideas, some of which might need more thought put into them.

  1. Reduce the range of cupboards, increase their cost, and limit the number of items that can be placed within the range of each cupboard. This means that a clan will have to expand more and will prevent them from spamming furnaces in their base. You want to build more? Build another cupboard and put the additional furnaces in the area of the new cupboard.

  2. Increase the cost of floors. The more your build up, the costlier it will be because floors are expensive. Solo players don’t usually build skyscrapers.

  3. Make abandoned bases usable. Look at all those huge bases which have closed armored doors with codelocks. Solor players can’t use them unless they blow up the doors and build new ones with new codes. Is there a way to make use of such abandoned bases?

  4. Caretakers (devs are already considering this)

  5. ??

On the other hand, here are some tips for solo players which can help them survive a little bit longer on the server.

  1. Spend the first few hours on the server placing sleeping bags next to rad towns. Keep visiting rad towns until you find the codelock bp and some other necessary bps. Don’t focus on C4 yet.

  2. Find a small abandoned stone base with no doors which has a cupboard, repair bench and preferably research table and some large boxes. Take the base, repair it and add the missing walls/doors and now you have saved a lot of resources for all the stuff. From there, start looking for the other bps which are hard to find, and slowly upgrade your base.

  3. Focus on intelligent designs and ideas regarding your base and where you keep your valuables. Place boxes in rivers, build 1x1 bases, make friends by offering people to spawn rifles to them if they give you the required resources (now you’re raping the fruits of the hours of bp hunt which you spent during the first few days after joining the server)

  4. Booby traps. Place an open deck with some boxes and a sign which says “free stuff” in a grassy area. Hide the bear traps in the grass around the deck. Wait for your prays.

  5. Use the mic.

  6. Move to another server or play on modded servers. If there’s one server that is not working well for you, then it’s bad omen :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. Stay away from gun fights. Watch and wait from faraway, you might end up picking up some useful stuff after a battle has ended and everyone went back home.

  8. ?

I’d rather more ideas focused on getting solo players to band together naturally.

What I think will help more the solo player are better way to hide securely our stuff without the need of a big base.

Like putting small and large wood box underground, only the top should be nearly visible from above, and putting a code lock on it should not be visible. I think this could be easy to do as everything is already ingame, only need a really thin box representation that could only be put directly in the ground.

I already saw in the past some drawing of tent and hidden underground sleeping bad hole to hide yourself… where is all this?

Stealth is the best way to survive as a solo player… We need more way to hide ourself

Absolutely this. Solo players really need help in the early game. Getting your first furnace, then basically getting lucky with RNG that nobody happens to walk by it hidden in a mountain, or in building with a wooden door is the giant wall to being able to do even get started. Wooden doors may as well not exist if there are two people hitting it; basically, if you’re seen and solo, you’re screwed. Small stashes, a small ground furnace of some kind with only 4 slots even (produces less light and is slower), bringing back grass (no reason to play with it on now) would all help solo players.

As for bringing players together, playing with other people isn’t appealing, and is downright annoying to some people. Especially when you get stuck with players that are unskilled, disorganized, and/or are poor builders. When you play alone, you sacrifice firepower knowing that when something stupid happens it’s your own fault; it’s especially relaxing after playing team-based games all day and putting up with bad teammates. Nothing like outscoring the next highest player by 400%+ and losing 10+ rounds in a row lol

The dumb option I selected for your post is too harsh so wanted to kind of highlight why your comment is not the greatest.

I play solo or with one or two other people because I prefer small groups. Most of the larger groups and a good percentage of other solo players seem to play the game with a different purpose than I. Most of theses players just want to go mash heads and kill people for their amusement (I mean are you really accomplishing much killing someone whose only worldly possession is a stick and a rock? While you are fully geared?).

With that said, those elements add an extra dimension to the survival aspect of the game which I enjoy. So, when you say “band together” it reads to me is you want to push me to playing with these people who I mostly think of dicks based on how they play and would not enjoy playing with them and that’s a dumb a emphasis for me.

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Concealment options are much needed.

I tend to play solo simply because none of my RL friends play the game and making friends in a game where PvP is the sole goal of most is pretty rough.

I enjoy building more than anything along with doing some stupid paintings and exploring.

The biggest change I wanted was not having my stone base raided by nakeds with sticks and axes… now that happened so I guess my next wish would be for a minimalist approach as needed. Hidding areas would be pretty neat. I play on modded servers simply because playing on official servers as a solo means owning a house is almost impossible.

Agree with the stealth suggestions. The old Legacy stealth mechanic for the stash would be great for this. At first you could just make stashes, but the more you hide the better you get at hiding stuff, so you could actually progress in what sort of stealth items you could make. So you start with a crappy hidden shelter (really just a sleeping bag you can use to hide your sleeping body onlogout). But then you learn how to add concealed storage, low-light fires/furnace combos that are harder to see but less efficient, etc. Maybe the better you get at it, the longer your hidden stashes last before decay kicks in.

If someone follows you or stumbles onto it, it won’t offer real access protection; it’s all about hiding.

This never happens unless a body is lost, which happens very rarely.

I’d rather a Offline single player mode in which i could invite friends to play.