Ideas for the Crafting System

First it is too say…I LOVE this game :)…

My Ideas!

We need other Walls and the other base Items anything between Wood and Metal like Reinforced Wood or Stone

Explosives, Explosive Charges and Granades need to be more expensive it is to easy to craft:)

Greetz Djinfa

If you hold down the shift key and click on the plus buttons it will go up by 10. If you hold down the ctrl button it use the max amount of materials you have on your inventory.

Uhm… im sorry to break it to you…

if you shift+lmb it adds 10.
if you ctrl+lmb it makes as many as you can…

Oh really damn and i just click 1000x :smiley: but thx dudes :smiley:

Now the 2nd and 3rd one in this post are working^^