Ideas for the developer

I have two ideas that might change the way we play Rust.

The first one is Stamina. And would work like this; we all start with 100 of stamina, and every step you take sprinting takes a point, once you depleted your stamina you may continue to sprint but only spending HP. This acomplish two things: gets long runs PVP not an option, you need to find a good spot to fight your enemy (with your remining stamina when you encounter a hostile) and fight, It also gets rid of SPEEDHACKERS the damage done for sprinting without stamina could be 10hp, so no speedhack anymore. You´d recover Stamina by standing still or eating in order for hackers not to abuse food to continue to speedhack I recomend an over time dose, lets say 5 seconds standing could be enough for anyone to catch your breath back.

Second is weather, cold temperature is only on water, Id love to see snow areas demanding you put on a jacket, or desert demanding you dont burn your sikin off, the players will be more likely to get dress so they can enter this areas and the game will earn the adventure of going out with items, i often go out with a stick and some food. We can do much better.

I really hope you could do this, the game will be much better with this modifications.
Thanks for reading
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thanks i needed a new potato.

what you describe is basically the intention with “hunger” and “thirst”. they are used as you run, attack etc and only resupplied with food and drink. when they run out, you take damage until you die.

as for weather, i think thats on the list. they have a mindmap that will give you an idea of whats on its way longer term.

the hunger is not related to running, It jus depletes over time. That dont solve the two problems; long runs pvp, and speedhackers.

It isn’t related now, but I think mrknifey’s point was that eventually the metabolism mechanics of thirst and hunger will eventually be tied to player activity, like running and chopping wood.

There might be room for stamina even after that though, and I do see your point. You shouldn’t be able to spring all the way across the map, even if you are constantly eating and drinking along the way.

Stamina as a way to slow down speedhackers might be the most interesting way to combat that I’ve seen proposed and could work. Sure, go ahead and speedhack, but your stamina will be depleted almost instantly. Very interesting.

pretty much exactly my point. legacy had it, and baseline entails getting pretty much all the elements from legacy into experimental, which includes proper stamina use. they’re only just putting the bare bones in now; stamina/thirst loss has been disabled for ages so we could playtest other features.

i will say i like the concept in terms of the speedhacks, but unfortunately it would just mean altering the hack so that it doesn’t use stamina anymore.