Ideas for video please.

I wanna make a video but i cant come up with ideas, so im asking YOU ill take all video ideas, right now im aiming for comedy but everything else is good, i got Widnows Movie maker, youtube poop sounds, a BONK sound and much more comical Sound files, so if anyone can suggest a video i will me grateful, i will also put you in the credits =P

Ps. I take ANY suggestions, dont mind if it might lag, i have a supercomputer :v:

James Bond? Mission imposible? Spidoman :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you need a writer!
Comedy is good, but aim for something more serious, if you feel like it
not saying you have to!

Comedy is NOT funny on garry’s mod unless it’s cleverly written or a meme. I’d go for something serious-er.

How bout you spare youtube some bandwidth and only make a video if you have a good idea. You need to be inspired to have a good idea, or your video, most likely will be bad and get 150- views from facepunch and nothing else.