Ideas - [Moving away from PVP]

I’ve been thinking of ways to change the current “shoot on sight” mentality in the game, a.k.a make the game less centered around killing a fresh spawn for the fun of it.
No, I am not saying PVP should not be in the game :rolleyes:, far from it - the game is centered around it. (unless you are on the noPVP server :slight_smile: )

What if, there was a humanity system. Everyone could say, start at 0 then depending on their behaviour, it would go up (positive) or down (negative).
So for example, if you kill a bandit, your humanity goes up - but if you kill a non-bandit, your humanity goes down.
This humanity “score” would be a multiplier, this multiplier could then say, have an effect on what you could and could not do in the game.
For example, with a lower humanity score, crafting ammunition could take much longer/be locked depending on the multiplier, or if your humanity was higher, it could be quicker to craft items (not ammunition, etc. but other items).

Eventually, this simple system could link in with a trading system and other future features of the game.

Another system that could be used, is a basic durability system. Which for the early stage of the game, could be based simply off of probability/chance.
Say, if you shoot/kill/damage a player, it did damage to the items that are on them. The damage would start with whatever clothing they were wearing, then if there was still damage “left over” there could be a chance of breaking the items/objects in the inventory.

Obviously this system could be much more intricate in the future, with much more specific detail in what it may destroy. However, even a basic system that determined what may be damaged on the player by chance, in my opinion would still drastically discourage PvP, as there could be no gain in shooting/damaging/killing another player.

There is an endless number of systems you could use, however these are two I chose because they were fairly simple, effective and could still be developed/refined further in the future of the game, if need be.

Before someone says “hurr durr, the game’s in alpha they are working on it, just chill out.” :rolleyes: I am not asking for this to be put into the game immediately, simply brainstorming ideas for the future.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy with PvP as it is? Would you like to see something similar? Do you have any ideas.
Please post below and if I see any that strike as very good/get many “agree” ratings, I will be sure to edit them into the OP.
End :words:

Anyway… Thanks!

I like it it is like dayz but with some changes it will not be like dayz

I don’t know about the humanity system. Why would someone doing good things, or not doing anything, know how to craft guns/ammo quicker than a person who should, supposedly, be using ammo a ton.

I just think there should be an experience system where if you craft an item more and more you get up to like a 15 percent time reduction on crafting.

That’s exactly the point.
Someone who kills fresh spawns would use ammo, a lot. Therefore, if this process was slowed down, the amount of people they can kill will/may decrease?

Was that not clear enough? If not, sorry. :frowning:

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Was waiting for someone to say that, I knew they would.
This is hardly limited to DayZ, it is - real life.

If you wear a ballistic vest in real life and get shot, it obviously won’t be in as good condition as of one that is brand new.

But yeah, a durability system has been implemented in DayZ… It’s not really the point though.

Garry already said he didn’t want to do humanity

Durability is just. Do you think a military grade M4 will start falling apart if you kill somebody with it? I just really, really hate durability.