Ideas on getting server donations?

I have a TTT server and it’s almost a month old, and so far i hasn’t gotten a single donation. It’s completely full most of the day and i have quite a few regular players and pretty much everyone who joins likes it. The only problem though is i need money to run it, and like i said i haven’t gotten a single one so far.

They can donate any amount they want just as long as it’s over 4 dollars and they get 500 pointshop points per dollar they donate. Also they can get access to donator-only pointshop items that has something around 25-35 items in it (hats, player models, detective/traitor, etc). Also they can que end round music and play whatever song they want when the round ends AND during the mapvote their votes count as 2.

It’s better than most donator ranks I’ve seen on other servers and i think it’s certainly cheaper considering you can pay pretty much any amount.

One thing to note though is the system isn’t automated so they don’t recieve donator INSTANTLY but i’m on the server pretty much all day, at least during the high times and if i’m not they all know they can add me on steam and i can add it within a couple mins at most so it’s not too big of a problem.

Do any of you have any ideas on getting donators?

Also, sorry if this is the wrong forum but i couldn’t find any better ones for this.

Well, it’s quite simple to be honest.

Most players are in the age where they want to be like everyone else. This means that if a good amount of your players already have the Donor rank, others get attracted to being one of the Donor members aswell. But don’t get me wrong, GMod is not a place where you can make money off of having your own community. Most communities just get enough to go around and pay for the bills they have to pay for.

Also, location is a big factor aswell. I’ve run a few tests and noticed the the majority of people who are willing to contribute to a community are Americans and Canadians. So if your server is located in the US and most of your players are Americans, you have a bigger chance of going around.

But as I said earlier, having a community won’t generate any money at all.

Yeah it’s hostei’md in america and i’m not really trying to make money off it, trying to keep it alive (i’m not old enough for a actual job and i currently only have 17 dollars in my paypal account)

Also it was hard getting donations at first when i had a minecraft server but i eventually started getting a couple a week. It doesn’t sound like much but even during the peak times of day there were only about 5 people on, and my gmod server has way more than that.

I’ve been running a TTT server too for quite a lot of time, and has an average around 20± players a day.

I’m not getting a lot of donations either, but on DarkRP I’ve already earned 20 bucks they day I opened it. Simply because you can give people more perks and custom stuff in any other gamemode (Correct me if I’m wrong).