Ideas on improvements


So Ive gathered some ideas I have on improving on the game. Please note that I dont want the reality factor to go down, or the game to be any less survival-based.
Only to focus on improving the lategame and making life a little easier on the newly spawned. Farming naked guys with rocks for medkits isnt a really fun pass-time for the majority of us :).

Atm this game is much more “a fight to stay online” than a fight to stay alive. People from the US can dominate EU servers just by the simple fact that they are 6 hours behind us. At 4AM the EU playerbase is miniscule, this is a perfect time to build a stairwell to heaven and just jump up someones house.
Adding a stamina system where building costs stamina for example, would make griefing people not worth it. If being shot / moving etc while building lost you your materials while still not building anything would make legit builders able to build their houses safely, while raiders would be hard pressed to put stuff up. The barricade wars would also be a non-viable strategy, which is why the US forces dont carry around wooden planks very often overseas.
A short-time stamina bar based on inventory slots filled would make carrying hundreds of wooden plank around a nonviable strategy because sprinting with them would be impossible. Building stairs up peoples houses would take maybe 10 secs per foundation, 10x4 secs for pillars and 10 secs per stairwell. This would cost a LOT of wood if you were under fire and had to restart every time you were shot (also adding realism).

Long-term Stamina-
Server time should impact your sleepcycle. US servers should be based upon US time and EU servers should be based upon EU time. In the EU 08-23 or something could be hours where short term stamina was being spent with one multiple, while 23-08 could be nighttime, where pretty much everyone was tired from mining etc all day. I realize that people COULD sleep all day and raid all night in the real world, but we have lives outside the games too and cannot be online all the time, which we would be IRL so to speak…

When you ran out of long-term-stamina you should get your stamina bar completely depleted. Which would make you pretty much unable to build etc. This would work even better if multiple characters per server was allowed, since this would make people want to have “builder characters” who spent their long-term stamina every day just building, but still wouldnt add a ton of toons per server, only account.

Looting shoult take time Maybe put a timer on single items thats more proportional to the size of the actual item and keep the bag-looting system. This would bring a possiblity that if I abort someone building something, I can take the wood he/she was building with. Attacking raiders who were building on someones town would now be profitable, again very realistic and adding more variables and more rewards for “counter-terrorism”.

Ideas on this?