Ideas on mining and digging into the ground?

Would being able to craft shovels and other tools to dig into the ground to make secret tunnels or a mine to collect ores a good idea for Rust?

Doing something like this in the Unity engine would be a very difficult task, so no.

Maybe at a much much later point in game developement.

I would more or less be disgusted with underground digging. Other survival games have tried it and it looks like pure shit. Keep preformed caves because they’re awesome, hell throw in some resources in them, but no terraforming please.

That is a huge game mechanic that would have been implemented in the beginning if they were to have it. It’s not something that they could just throw in later.

This is implemented in 7 Days to Die if you are into that kind of thing. Everyone lives underground in that game and it becomes monotonous and boring. I’m glad Rust is not that type of game. Preformed sewers and tunnels, on the other hand, would be awesome. I could see small factions racing to get to those first right after the server wipes.

I agree with the idea of pre-made tunnels and caves that would be cool

Definitely - a few pre-formed underground areas would rule. For balance’s sake, having multiple areas per server (perhaps at the frequency of caves) each isolated from the other would be awesome.

It is possible to go underground as admin with the flying tool, and you can even build bases below the terrain. This can lead to some neat effects like entire buildings supported only by armored columns. My server has a few of these, and they’re really just admin staging areas (all the regulars know what / where they are). Hope they don’t take that away.

Have you played Planet Explorers? i have almost every survival game on steam but that game has best terraforming and cave system period. Digging under ground for hours to get some aluminum or petroleum is quite fun you can also build in there too.

I just looked it up, you’re right it does look a LOT better than other terraforming games. I’m still not sure I’d want it though, I feel like it would have too many tactical advantages and people would slowly migrate underground. I don’t want all the pretty flora to go away just because we can become mole people now.

“Mole People 2015” - a survival simulator … I am copyrighting the idea as we speak!