[IDEAS] Sleeper's, safes?, doors and buildings.

So, recently some people have been complaining about the sleeper’s implementation on a stage of the Alpha fase where we are not ready to receive it, because it’s too easy to raid houses and lose everything.

I share this opinion!
Sleeper’s is something that should be in the final product of the game, but i think is too early to implement it.

For example, when the UK server wipped the houses for the first time this weekend and the SLEEPERS were implemented, i had some C4’s on me (25 C4’s) and i was abble to wait the whole afternoon, craft my small metal house, and then RAID 4 SMALL wooden houses that only had 1 wall until the loot (you only need 2 C4’s to blow up a wall) and the bodys of a kevlar guys inside.

This is an issue.

Those 4 guys where probably friends.
And if we had some other mechanics like:

  • Sharable doors
  • Keys
  • Safe deposits (AKA Metal box with Keypad or a number scrolling LOCK mechanic with only 6 slots or something like that) (they could even make you spawn with this and then make it that somehow it would not drop in the LOOTBAG so it could be UNIQUE and the players could only had 1 each)

They could have kept their shit. They could had build a 6x6 house with only 1 entrance and the lood room in the middle and loads of walls and fake rooms around so i could not find the loot and the bodys if they had SHARABLE DOORS\Keys to enter through the same door.
Currently we all WASTE LOADS of RESOURCES building MULTIPLE ENTRANCES into 1 HOUSE when we could have only ONE that could work for everyone!
The same goes for Metal box’s with scrolling LOCKS with numbers. they could have had that, and it would take ages for me to crack the code…

I saw a post where garry said he would love to implement TURRETS and some kind of MINE-BOMBS…
This is cool ideas to implement in the future, but i think is too early for all that technology into the game…

In my opinion, easy and safe ways to save your loot should be implemented as soon as possible to give some balance to the game.
They should not implement crazy ass technology and guns for now.

Hope some DEV takes some time into reading my post.

Sorry for my bad english.


I like the idea of shared doors, but the idea of actual safety for your items is lame. Don’t be lame.

It’s nice that the devs take some ideas from the community.

The thing with shareble doors and/or keys is really needed i don’t own the game yet but i think that feature is missing :slight_smile:

it could be a UNIQUE CRAFTED item… each player could craft ONLY ONE (as soon as they crafted it should turn BLACK in their crafting list and they could not craft another one until the one they crafted got destroyed)

I would love to be able to have one unbreakable safe for each player. Once you build a new one the previous one dissapear. Only 3 slots so you can put there only a few things (maybe wood, metal and a weapon)

No to safe anything. If anything you can craft a safe that can be opened with explosives.

This is a game where you should risk everything. God I hope the devs never listen to ideas like this.