Ideas/Suggestions (Compilation)


With the amount of threads getting buried, I thought it would be nice to compile a list of ideas/suggestions.
Feel free to share your thoughts and/or post your requests.

Note: This list is incomplete and will be updated occasionally!


PvE Servers

  • Keep at least 1 PvE server

Sleep Timer

  • Body disappears to safety after a long period of time (i.e. 5-10 hours)



  • During raid, text notification sent to owner when door is destroyed


  • Works on doors and safes
  • Can be shared with friends


  • Dig holes to hide items
  • Dig tunnels

Barbed Wire

  • Can be applied to all structures
  • Slows movement and inflicts damage
  • Can be destroyed with Hatchet/Pick Axe

Bear Trap

  • Can be placed outside (ground)
  • Cannot be placed on foundations
  • Stops movement and inflicts damage
  • Can be destroyed with Hatchet/Pick Axe


  • Can be placed anywhere (ground)
  • Inflicts damage
  • Can be destroyed, but can also inflict damage based on proximity



  • Option to choose either a Male or Female

Hunger System

  • Longer time to starve

Hair Growth

  • Beards (and hair in other regions)


  • Faster Crafting by a Workbench


  • One time use for Research Kit
  • Increased rarity
  • Researching takes XX seconds to learn

Fall Damage

  • Lose health depending on fall height



  • Map
  • Compass
  • Reduce amount of rocks
  • More locations – Urban, Suburban, Rural,
  • More resources spread out
  • Other food resources (i.e. fruits and mushrooms)
  • Other animals/threats
  • Zombie hordes

Group System

  • Join a group
  • Group menu


  • Malfunctioning Weapons?
  • Ability to throw rocks (with right-click)
  • Shovel
  • Fishing Rod
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Crossbow
  • Smoke Canister
  • Teargas Canister


  • Ambient music
  • Music options

I agree with it all besides friendly fire when in groups. If you kill your teamate sucks, if the game will get as real as leaving your body behind while you log off it should be as real as being able to kill anyone. Even if it is on accident

I agree with you. Accidents and/or betrayals are a risk you take when joining a group, which is why I left a question mark. Thank you for your input!

I agree with most, except for the friendly fire in groups. For causes, there is already a loot timer despawn, which lasts (i think) around 1 min, and I think that the unity engine doesn’t support digging aspects.

i really want an in game map so that i know where i am and where to go if i wanna meet a friend, even if it has to be craftable with some cloth or paper.

Compass would also be a good idea.

Being able to open friends doors. So setting access to certain people by whoever owns the door. just like on GMOD Dark RP.

instead of craftable maps i would like the idea of having a piece of paper, being able to draw whatever you like on it with your mouse or a drawing tablet. This would totally fit as far as i read where garry is going to go with the game. people could draw great maps and sell them for a high price, as they are all unique and handmade. Also make them attachable to walls or some kind of corkboard so u can hang them inside ur house (probably make them indoor only, so no random tagging other people’s walls)

Brilliant idea, maybe a bit too far, but I like the paper bit! Try post it on the forums for more publicity!

Wow, threads are getting buried rather quickly…

Thanks for your input! Hopefully we get to see some more ideas/suggestions.

I think these are horrible ideas.

Sleep Timer
The sleep timer would defeat the purpose of having sleepers in the first place. The only thing it wouldn’t ruin is that combat loggers would still be there for you.

Corpse/Loot Timer
10-15 seconds to loot a body!? Seriously?! ROFLMAO!!! There will be so many situations where you will lose the spoils of war just because of distance or a protracted firefight. It doesn’t even help the loser by giving him a chance to kill his attacker or corpse run to scavenge/get lucky. It’s akin to raiding a base and jumping in the ocean with full inventory.
I can’t see this benefiting anyone.

If you are worried about losing your loot play on a PVE server. :wink:

These are all compilations of ideas/suggestions.

Thanks for your input.

How about this:

Roaming zombie hordes that patrol the popular areas. IE they would follow the general vicinity of the road and would make their way around the map, aggroing as a group.

Ok I was just thinking of this but it would be nice if the devs could give the guns some “events” that could happen.

So for example, jams, dud bullets, and then bullets that cause the weapon to explode (causing the user damage, and or killing him/her). Some weapons wouldn’t have some events. So something like a single shot rifle (or bolt rifle if one gets added), wouldn’t have a jam because of the design but a semi-auto pistol could. The lower quality weapons like the “Hand Cannon” could have a higher chance of blowing up in your face and killing you (since home-made guns are actually much more dangerous and more likely to have catastrophic failure).

I think this type of thing would help to make everyone think, “Is it REALLY worth trying to kill this guy?”

Another thing I would like to see, would be some kind of bridges that can be used between towers in the game. Could be like rope bridges or suspension bridges. I was starting to make a nice one in the air before the last wipe, but It required a LOT of pillars to stop grieving.

I’m still seeing a lot of repeat threads…

Anyway, updated the list. Thanks to those who have contributed to the ideas/suggestions list. Still missing quite a bit!