Ideas/Suggestions for Additional Content

I’m sure most of these things have been mentioned before but here is a list of ideas for things that could be added to game content.

For melee items

  • Sword/Machete type weapon (useful for causing bleeding/gathering resources from animals faster)
  • Club/Sledgehammer type weapon (useful for possibility of causing enemy to become injured/killing wildlife faster)

For ranged items

  • Javelin type weapon (similar to bow and arrow except only require wood and stones to make javelin/one time use)

Attachments for weapons

  • ACOG (for slightly enhanced zoom, maybe 1.5-2x)
  • Muzzle Brake (for longer range)
  • Grip (to reduce recoil)
  • Extended Mags (increase ammo capacity by 20-25%)

For indoor lighting

  • Place able lamp/lantern on wall (could be placed on wall and require low grade fuel to keep indoor of house lit)

For home defense

  • Barbed Wire (could cause movement to slow and possibly get temporarily stuck in)
  • Battlements (placed on rooftops to provide cover when firing below)
  • Mounted Turret (placed on a foundation/ceiling. Is permanently placed in one spot. Must put 556 ammo inside to keep firing)
  • Short Stone Wall (placed along outside to create a perimeter. First line of defense/offense. Can be jumped over)

For wildlife (even though it all drops chicken)

  • Mountain Lions (obviously placed in mountainous terrain)
  • Cows/Bulls (with bull being aggressive npc)

For NPCs (to replace zombies)

  • Wild-men (basic melee/rock attack)/(replaces basic zombie)
  • Bandits (carry basic melee weapons or firearms)/(replaces fast red zombies)
  • Soldier (more rare on map but carry stronger firearms for defense)/(replaces black zombies)

Possible Ideas/Items for future upgrades to game

  • Farming basic food like wheat/corn/beans. Would require foundation type item except used for farming. Vegetable resource node could spawn in said location.
  • Fishing for salmon/trout/catfish. If river or additional body of water is added to game. (Would require fishing pole)
  • Map (can be used to show current location on world)

Any comments or ideas encouraged and up for debate

These would all be really cool features. Not to sure about the NPC’s but I love the rest

Love it!!

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I like the thought that if a soldier goes too long without being killed, he’ll use leadership skills to acquire followers and then will start raiding nearby buildings/travelers.

That would be an interesting idea. There could be a small army of NPCs going across the map causing havoc. And anything they loot you could grab off them once they are killed.

I like the idea about the javelin or spears. The farming is also interesting, I doubt it would be worth the headache but interesting. I think fishing ponds would be cool but they would have to come out as raw chicken!

I love the humor in this game, raw chicken, nudity etc. I do wish they just used a sensor blur rather than pants as naked peeps hiding in a shack is just funny.

It’s a nice balance of ideas, and I would like to see many of them. But no maps. This game is supposed to be hard. The lack of a map wasn’t by accident. After a couple weeks playing you’ll get a good idea of the playable area. Use the Rust wiki and you’ll be able to learn what people call the different areas too. But a map with GPS to show where you are just doesn’t fit with the theme of survival. It’s too easy mode.

it sound nice.

But for the map, i think like kurogo, it is a survival game.

No map is really a part of the game.

I think Garry is planning on mutant chickens that may look harmless but will scare the crap outta ya