Ideas to add new things to rust (in RED)

Everything in RED is idea’s they could add. If anyone has other legit serious things we could add I can add it to the list. Maybe just MAYBE the crew will read it and get inspired!

Knives are really obviously missing. I dont think there is much doubt about how important are knives in many cultures considering what they can provide as a survival tool while being convenient to carry.

Sitting Bench (and be able to sit on it) stools, chairs (types), and be able to pick them up and place them elsewhere like the sleeping bag.

A large chest, and a small chest for storage.

I like the new bed, but I wish it looked more “recycled” or “make-shift”. But it’s defo more “housey”, and it’s a good job as it is. Be cool to get in bed, watch the fire and tell terrifying stories about axe-murderers, and log off on your bed, all tucked up.

I know I’m getting carried away, but it gets worse…

I had an idea for a hearth, a large fireplace for cooking food that has a chimney that rises through the roof. At night camp fires and furnaces inside a house can reveal otherwise hidden houses, so it’s dangerous to cook at night. Idea is that the hearth emits low light, lets you cook more safely at night, gives enough light to see when it’s darkest, but if used in the day-time, then it is dangerous for a hidden house because the smoke from the chimney can be seen from afar. And if the house is secure, then it’s just a nice touch, which could also have uses as a signal.

I('d) like to wear the furs of animals like a caveman, bear-head n cape - all uber Ug n stuff - fur boots, shaggy groin dacks, leather n fur bracers, maybe gloves? But that might be going in a direction a modder might like to do.

Plots for farming?
Small plots for growing stuff to eat? Which ppl could find and pilfer ofc. A needed tool? Sickle? Knife?

Heh, is that a mega item “ask” or what? Be great tho. Temperate seasons for variety. Came to me just then… So Punch Me in the Face…

Stone houses
n all that, walls, etc., made of stone. I imagine they’d be a bit tougher than metal houses. And I haven’t tried it yet, but can we combine wood and metal parts to make a house? If not atm, that would be cool in the future, especially if we could combine wood, metal and stone to make a house.

I like roofs, in fact I like roofs so much I use ramps to make roofs, and it’s something else to hack through, admittedly not much more work, to get in via the roof. and it looks nice, too.

Drunkenness, n raiding… what fun, shoot yer friends in the face… If you’re drunk u get the screen-wobblies n can’t walk straight. Mistakes will be made.

I noticed spears, hammers, and TNT in the spreadsheet linked above, “bring it” please.

Different foods, which to save space and perhaps make energy-rich food as well, can be easily made into rations that high-stack (250). Different meats, and like fish, (if we get fishing to do), would take up lots more space, so making rations would be handy for the space, and most of the time I have more raw slabs of oink-wolf-bahgark (chicken) by hunting animals for the cloth, fat and blood I need.

gtg, great thread idea.