Ideas to make DarkRP better?

Make a post on ways to make DarkRP better in your opinion and mabey I can get someone to get it to happen :slight_smile:

1.No flaming
2.Simple yet good ideas
3.Please no repeats
4.Try to limit explicit language



Ill start, make more accessible jobs and more diverse jobs (IE

If any server has such shitty fucking retarded job pack, it should be destroyed and its owner should be hung. Its full of random fucking shit like corpse, generic RDM combat classes and other shit.

All you need is government and citizen jobs.

Have only Citizen and Civil Protection jobs.

No unnecessary jobs, items, weapons or addons.

Plus Mayor, then it’s perfect.

Give players a reason to turn to other workers besides gun dealers. As it stands there’s no real way to ensure cooks, medics, etc. get any actual business.

  1. I think the cook thing is what hunger mod is for:buttertroll:

It never winds up mattering, because as he said, guns.

You die from “RDM Battlez OF ZoMg EpIcNeSs” long before that 10 minutes is up when you spawn as “Terrorist for Allah”.


-Only civil protection, mayor, and citizen jobs.
-Make it so theirs freedom of play model.

  • No Anon-Check shit.
  • Melee Weapons over Guns
  • Realistic Jail System (Arrested? Two Weeks Till Your Unarrested.)
  • Hunger Mod.

Nothing will ever make DarkRP better.

Stop using Dark RP and more creative types of mods will show their faces again. I don’t think Dark RP can really be improved. 99% of the time its a gangster vs. CP with lots of RDM and little or no RP.

If Dark RP could be improved…
Well, it really be the servers that could improve.

Votekick option :
Admins can someones times go AFK for a while, why let minges overwhelm the server you can kick them. The drawback is how it will be abused. You just know people will use it to steal jobs but if people don’t have a tendency to vote yes for every vote, it could help clean up the server.

Gun Control :
Dark RP revolves around guns. Perhaps the servers can increase the price though. 300-600 for an assualt rifle is extreamly cheap! How about 1,200$?
Keep the pistols cheap but for machine guns of death, jock up the price.

Ban hitmen, mercenaries, spies :
These classes are used as minge excuses. ‘I was paid 1$ to mow down the police’. These ‘neutral’ classes are just terrible.

Automatic kick votes :

For example, ‘Players A has commited his 20th kill in the last 10 minutes, is he RDM’ing? Does he need to go to another server?’

Players then can vote yes or no.
The only draw back is if people have a tendency to either vote yes or know even if they never seen the player on the server.

Limits to gun dealers:

This is a more complicated issue. Gun dealers are the source of weapons. The main parts of gun dealing is buying expensive shipments, dropping cheap gun labs, and having your job stolem by random demotes. Perhaps all citizens should have the ability to buy a cheap but relativly awful pistol. It could help ballance things.

But, the main thing that would save Dark RP is to change the overal mod economy. Money printers, microwaves, and automatic salleries wipe out any need to RP for money. Thats the main issue. These destroy the need to RP and make it extreamly unrealistic. Perhaps just outright banning money printers would save things.

If you have your money problems solved that easily or your busy guarding your money printers like a psychotic nutjob, why would you want to RP? Why would you want to have a seat at a nice restaurant and RP ordering food by a waiter? Why would you want to actually RP a government?

The only thing you can do is try to socialise or screw around. Dark RP supports minges with this system and its broken.

Being an hitman is a good idea if you can roleplay it well and you have good reasons to assassinate someone.

People need to be abit more original, I can work mounths customizing the gamemode. Fully fledged ranks, remade currency, masses of new SWEPs, entities, shipments, tons of playermodels and vehicles, npcs, inventory, vendors…

If you think a few jobs is gonna do it, then you people suck.

Start by editing these:


By using these, and some more, I made tons of new things to fit my post apocalyptic server:

  • Artillery Barrages/Army Attacks.
  • Crafting instead of buying.
  • Inventory.
  • Leveling system (FoM styled).
  • Special abilities for all classes.
  • About 40+ classes/ranks.
  • Factions

…It can go on forever. Point is, stop being so fucking unoriginal. Put some effort into it, and more importantly: Get your heads out of your asses. There is no ninjas downtown, hitmen are rediculously rare, hardly common enough to be local. Nor are there any grim reapers, or… Uhhh… What the fuck is wrong with you, OP?

There’s not a lot that can be done now to make it better. DarkRP is DarkRP. It shouldn’t try to be something else.

If you don’t like it, there are far better gamemodes coming out very soon!

DarkRP without Guns and im happy. Maybe something improwising, like paralizator, but besides that no.