ideas to stop KOSing.

I’ve heard a million ideas… These are mine. These are just ideas, I understand it is in alpha, balancing will come soon.

Make the game more fun. More buildings to search through that are more unique and more complex, in these buildings there is good loot and these buildings are a part of cities. I feel like after someone has a big house they just get bored and kill Bambi’s give them something to do. I understand this game is a “do what you want” game so KOSing will still be there but it’d be cool to give the KOSers something to do. Aaannnnddd make the map bigger but this is obvious. They need to add resources to “No man’s land” so people can spread out. This tight area is getting old. And make spawns random. I am tired of trying to collect and having buildings all around me.

Post your ideas below.

The pvp aspect of the game is fine, it’s going to happen in any survival game you play. I understand u want MORE to do, as in open the map with more buildings and such, but they are already doing this.

In theory, just give it some time and I’m willing to bet all of these things will be implemented! :slight_smile:

The only way to stop KOSing and I don’t think this game wants to stop it… is to make it so when you kill someone, adverse negative effects come about. Certain games have tried to have skins, titles, icons, etc. The only way to make it substantial is to limit the abilities or functionality of the character when they kill people.

For example, NPC’s that you can no longer interact with. Guard NPC’s that attack you on sight. A system of identifying the person and making it aware to people (like a killboard people can look at and stay clear of you).

Max said before they are working on a 8/8km map and the current is 2/2km (for ressource).

Yup, I can’t wait. I’m hoping they make it to where it’s rare to see other players

They can’t really stop people from kos. But they could make people need others to do things that are simply unavailable when they are on their own. It would lower the death rate by a bit.

But again after whole day of gathering and crafting you come across a player, you have full inventory good gear, in that situation you don’t think but act. KoS won’t change until the players do its that simple.

And players will never change… NEVVERRRRRRRRRR!!

I feel like 90% of the KOSing happens simply due to overpopulation (ie. lack of resources). I’ve had times where I would spawn into an open field with a few lumber piles and rocks in sight, and another naked dude would bludgeon me to death with his rock simply because he wanted all the resources to himself. And then there’s the fully kevlar’d folk who allow you to gather resources for them for a while (as in not kill you while you’re gathering), and then go out and shoot you down and take all your resources instead of gathering it themselves.

Pretty smart if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When i am having Kevlar and M4 i go to naked or clothing man and tell them: “I heard that you will give me some wood” then they give me some of their wood and i wish them good luck and go :smiley:

Ur just a big bully!! :frowning:

Still better than killing them, or not?xD They never complained, and they wished me good luck too ^^