Ideas to take rust from good to great.

Rust feels like an amazing base of a game, and I already enjoy it for what it is, but it’s obviously in alpha, and as such I would like to suggest some of my own ideas:
Some may be good, some may be terrible, but I hope some of them catch the developers eyes!

-A system similar to the red-stone system in mine-craft.
-Traps/Booby-traps to protect your houses.
-Being able to interact with the environment a bit more, for me at least this is huge, there should be many more ways to interact with the environment, besides building/collecting.
-I would like to see the crafting system become a much bigger focus, at the moment it feels like a FPS, where the crafting system just allows you to participate.
– It would be nice to be able to build vanity items, decorations, traps, different kinds of foods, perhaps portable shelters(tent?)
– I would also like to see a bit more precursor to building powerful items like guns, perhaps you have to learn to build parts first, trigger, barrel, etc.
– Being able to create multiple items more easily would be good, right now you have to monotonously click to up button, perhaps a scroller, or being able to type a number in for the amount of items of craft?

  • Being able to farm food would be cool, ( Creating a Garden etc)
    – Might even be a separate crafting system, food/gardening.

  • More Exploration would be cool, I’d like to see Caves, or HUGE abandoned buildings you can explore for loot/etc.

  • Would like to see a party system/guild system.

  • I feel like “Stealth” is already built into the game with the tall grass and creeping, perhaps add more stealth elements in. The ability to ambush people, and general ninja like stuff. (Lol.) SMOKE BOMB!

  • I would also like to feel there is some sort of progression, with your base, instead of simply making it bigger, perhaps as time goes on you can upgrade from rikkidy wood, to more sturdy structures, hard-wood (Via wood-crafting), or even cement (Masonry) ?

That’s about all I have right now, but I’ll continue playing and hope to see all kinds of improvement!

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Perhaps crafting could even be a path type system: You can choose to become a specific type of crafter (Woodworker, Masonry, Weapons, Explosives, Gardening, etc)

The guild system could even offer perks like territories, where members of said guild gain perks inside their territories, and territories could be expanded by recruiting new members/creating outposts.

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Could Also add the ability to build roads between bases, eventually build vehicles, 4wheelers, pickup trucks.

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Perhaps even merchants, the ability to sell items you craft. Merchant carts, perhaps they could even be upgraded to have gaurds, or some defensive mechanism to defend against raiders.

Sounds like great ideas! I hope they implement some of them into the game.

-I think it would be great to harvest seeds to make your garden. Different plants around the map can be used for different things.
-Having more animals like squirrel and rabbit for hunting food would be great, also using skin to make clothing and blankets. There should be horses you can tame to make your own so you can get around easier.
-I think when you die, you should be able to re-spawn where you died instead of a random place and lost. I can see losing your stuff, that’s what looting is for from the person who killed ya but it gets old finding your way back without knowledge of the map and completely opposite side you were on.
-A map with places you have been to would be nice but then again I am 50/50 because in reality, you wouldn’t have a map. It would be merely on surveying the land BUT it is a game and a little help would be nice.
-Crafting, I agree 100% You should be able to make lanterns, tables and chairs to sit at, a few personalized decor made from wood or fur. Building stronger structures and gardens.
-Fishing would be fun too, make a spear to catch them. With all the goods you can make, trading would be very useful.
-Maybe choose different skills you can better yourself at? When you have a group, one can be a better with medical and plants or the other is a better hunter etc

  • MORE caves, buildings and unique places to explore. It gets pretty boring roaming woods all the time, after you get stocked up, what else is there to do?

There won’t be any sort of party or guild system.

Why not? People already form “groups” a me chanism for it is obviously needed. Shit call it gangs or communities.

Yes I do play this game :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say I was built in though.

I didn’t “agree” or “disagree” with your post because although I like some of the idea’s it feels like you are trying to bring in too much minecraft types of things which I wouldn’t like in this type of game.