idea's to the game rust.

hello, people/girls/bros! i have some idea to rust. I don’t know if the idea’s are good but here they are.

The wolf:
if u are in the forrest, and its nigth there can be an animal there can attack you.

Winter time:
in real time, the snow is only a one day, and u will need something warm things

More weapons:
AK-47 Bazuka, and mp14 uzi, mines C4 bomb, and very much more it could be very awesome.

Clan systems:
a clan system where, you can go to a clan in the game then you will get an invitation. And you can accep or not.

crafting a Signs:
where you can crafting a Signs and type fx “This is SwordBoard’s clan home”

you, can farming food like apples, carrot something like that.

i don’t know if my idea’s is great but i pretty like them hope u like them too.