Ideas: Use of Existing Assets to Provide Players with Resources.

With the announcements of the new resource gathering buildings it comes to mind that the real estate available on maps is rapidly decreasing, bases are getting bigger and bigger but the maps simply can’t.

With this in mind I’d like to throw some ideas into the pot regarding using existing map elements to allow players more places to gather from, it could vary the map a bit and reduce clutter.

Obviously this is all from the view of a player, not having coding skills etc I can’t vouch for how easy these things would be to implement, their practicality etc and this is all for discussion.

Warning: This post is super long, it’s fairly possible I spent too much time writing this.

Established Resources:

At the moment there’s only one way of gathering wood; Trees. I’m sure this has been proposed before but why not use the driftwood on the beaches as wood gathering points? Their location often coincides with spawn points and would allow new players a way to more safely gather at the start, or when next to desert biomes a much needed avenue for wood gathering.

Aside from this, possibly make decaying wooden structures give wood when hit with the appropriate tool? It would clear real estate and expedite the removal of abandoned PC structures that are yet another useless hog on servers and players systems, it would also give them some redeemable value.

Sometimes you just can’t find an animal, but bushes are everywhere. When I first started playing I tried to gather the small bushes expecting them to be the source of material for cloth, some of them bared a resemblance to flax. Why not make these bushes gatherable to give a small amount of cloth?

When gathered it would decrease what’s being rendered on screen and improve performance (variably) and make them more than just an art asset. Obviously the amount gathered would be far less than that gained from animals, but it would be a small lifeline for when you just can’t find that one boar you need. Alternatively if the removal of the bushes would cause the game to look too barren, why not make only the flowers vanish when gathered?

Stone, Metal, Sulphur
One of the most asked questions by new players is “How do I get stone, I hit the rocks and got nothing.” When you first start it’s simply not obvious there’s special ones you need to hit and that the big stones all around won’t actually give you stone, but instead will just break your tools real fast.

Why not position veins on scenery rocks that can be mined? Either spawned items like the current gatherable rocks raised from the surface or textural abnormalities that look like ore seams. I imagine that this would be in addition to current rock spawns, It would look far less random than the current ones spawns do but I imagine as a complete replacement it could make rocks too much of a focal point for players hurting those without the benefit of a group.

Low Grade Fuel
Could some of the barrels become actual fuel barrels perhaps that give a higher quantity of the resource? I imagine fuel will become even more important in the future of rust and it seems like a realistic way to give players a chance to get more.

The cars in rad towns could also possibly have their tanks drained by players to give fuel? Making them not just scenic but useful?

The Sea
Yes I know currently the sea is pretty much the “You’re about to kill me so I’ll be damned if you’re getting my stuff.” area of the map that experiences mass suicides each day, but could it perhaps become a navigable place in its own right? The addition of a diving suit much like rad towns have their suit could allow the sea to be opened up to include marine animals that can be gathered for food, cloth etc. It could also have intended rock spawns cough, underwater wrecks that could be salvaged/contain loot.

Could perhaps beaches also have things wash up on them from the sea? Clumps of lootable seaweed that might contain items when rifled through?

Resources hinted or confirmed at being added:

Soon it seems water will be a resource, not knowing how it will work exactly (though I imagine might involve rivers) could snow possibly be gathered with a shovel and heated over a campfire to provide it?

Electricity will become increasingly useful it seems, allowing people to have ways to get it aside from a generator could be fun. Why not make batteries gather-able from the cars in rad towns? And/or allow batteries to be recharged slowly by hooking them up to the pylons along the roads (which are near enough always in plain site with little to no cover, offering the risk for reward balance)

Well, that includes this obscenely long post. I hope something in there might be of use to someone.

it’s also along the same line of thought as the reclamation of resources by breaking down gear; both of these things i would love to see in game. not only would it give players alternative methods of gaining resources (instead of breaking a house to destroy it, people will be stealing stone from each other’s houses :D) it also gives us something to do with spare/looted gear that is of no use in it’s current form.

I don’t like the idea of harvesting people’s bases for raw material.

As I said, only decaying (therefore weaker to break apart) bases. This ensures that poor solo players won’t have their wooden shack broken down for no reason.

I love these ideas. Perfect for letting new players acquire resources faster.

You look like someone I´d definitively play with.

i like the idea also, make the drift wood and bushes give twigs, which are then used for twig shacks and items.

I agree with the rock idea. When I first played it confused me too as to what sort of rock I need to find to harvest.