[Ideas] Using Kinect for Garry's mod gamemodes

Hi there.
So, we’ve got the Kinect support for Garry’s mod! I think it is a huge advantage for the game itself, and it can bring a lot of fun with itself.

I am not a lua coder, I does not know how to “speak it” (and I’m not into learning it too), but I have tonns of ideas about how we could use the Kinect for Garry’s mod. I think we could have a lot of new and fun gamemodes, and maybe it wouldn’t even be so hard to code. It might have some problems too, of course, like, not everybody (or I think only about 1 out of 10 Garry’s mod users) have a Kinect, and even if you have it, you need all kinds of stuff, like enough space, other Kinect players and of course, mood.

So, I would be willing to join anyone who is interested in making gamemodes, and using Kinect in it. I have experience in Hammer, even if only a little bit, so I could help in that part of the work. If you are interested in this thingy stuff, you may drop me a mail at marchello.1337@gmail.com, or just leave a reply on this post.

A few ideas:

  • Soccer
  • Box
  • Racing
  • Movie making ?gamemode? (Yeah, for recording videos)
  • Walking in-game without walking in real life
  • And could be a few more…
    Yes, they do look like the ones we have for Xbox already, and these may be only good for sport gamemodes.
    I think just because it is Garry’s mod, it does not have to be only about setting up it, having fun for a few hours, then packing it away. I think Gmod have plenty of addons, and this option could make the whole thing wider, giving a new style for it.

I do see the problems in this idea, but I also see various solutions for it too.

It could work, but yeah. The gamemode would be rather unpopular due to the lack of people who actually have a Kinect. They wouldn’t need much space if they have the Windows variant, but it is still rather expensive.

Yeah, I was thinking about using it only on private servers and stuff, when you have the exact number of users, but then the question would be, does it even worth the effort?

A multiplayer dance type gamemode would actually be hilarious.

Quick! Hire someone to make Garry’s Dance 1!

I’m getting myself a kinect soon to play around with these features. There was a soccer thing made before that a guy posted a video for.

It was pretty much pong but you weren’t a stick :stuck_out_tongue: