Ideas worth reading.

Warning, this post is very long.

Hello Rust dev’s/Viewers/testers, I have thought of this game and added some ideas to make the game more enjoyable.
If by any chances you have thought of these ideas and I have put them here, post down below and I will give you full credit on them.

Now, I have three categories to put these ideas on:

The Ocean
The Home
The Terrain

Let’s start now, shall we?

                                 **The Ocean**

Obviously, the ocean could be a very fluent part in Rust.
People could fish in these waters. People could craft a boat and maybe go to another small island, people could go underwater. People can make docks for their home.
Now, let’s focus on fishing. Fishing can be in influenced by two things: your location on map, and your fishing rod.
Let’s break this up:
Fishing rod
The fishing rod could be built with simple wood and cloth, or so. There could be three different types, a simple one, a modern one, and an advanced one, each with different chances to catch, and getting harder to build. a simple one would be made of wood and cloth, a modern one would be made of stone, wood, and such, and the advanced rod would need metal fragments. All of these would have different chances of catches per hour (ex, simple one could catch 5 fishes for hour)
Also, they would have different chances of breaking, depending of fish, and such.


Fishes would just have different weight, and let’s say you catch a fish with 2 pounds. for every pound, there would be one item slot of food, varying on how much it will fill the bar.


Let’s make this Simple, everyone knows what I’m talking about, Different speeds, different capacity for how many people can be on each, different amount of crashes for the boat to be destroyed. But here’s a nice idea with it, an anchor. It’s simple. Makes the boat stay there. The boat would take different parts to be made. the structure, the motor (paddles or so) and the sail to move it. Now, these boats have to blend in with it’s dull environment. (Ex, No luxury yachts on the woods, has to fit in)


Simple wood structures that need pillars to support it depending on how deep the dock goes.

 **The Home**

The house is very simple. Different kinds of walls, such as stone walls. Stone walls would be harder to hatchet at. Ladders could benefit the home, and maybe farming could help aswell.
-Farming could need Water, soil, and sunlight.
The house would have different sources of light, such as candles, or such. I’m not talking about decoration, because I think decoration could not fit in with the setting, mood, and enviro.

 **The Terrain**

The terrain. It’s simple things. Collided trees could make it so that if you chop down a tree and it hits your house, it could head for your house and destroy the ceiling, and such.
Animals that attack back would do great,
and really big cities (this one is for garry’s pic of his car :slight_smile: )
big cities would differ from small towns as it contains better loot, but it would contain more radiation and zombies.
Now, Radiation could differ in Big cities. I’ve seen gameplay of the game (i dont have a beta key) and I think that Radiation should do more damage and that it should be easier to get radiation. You get radiation at 500, which only gives about ten seconds of poison.
Maybe switching to 300, or 200 and giving atleast 30 seconds of poison, putting the player in higher risk.

BONUS! :smiley:

Armor could benefit the game aswell. Radiation suits would do much better for coming to these cities, and camo clothing would be great to blend in.

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Nice ideas

I’m not sure they’ll be expanding the map, so boats are out of the picture. Also, why would you waste time fishing if you can just kill a deer and get some chicken?

But fishing is fun. I’ll have an excuse to actually take my son outside and do something like a family for once rather than sit here and die of radiation poisoning.

“kill a deer and get a chicken”

a true epitome of modern art

Depends on what the Devs are going for.
Maybe they’re going for a small, cozy map.
Or a huge map like in DayZ.

very nice suggestions.