Basically I am just going to send out a few ideas here feel free to hate a judge them, I’m open to improvements. First of adding people to your doors, I think this would be helpful so a house/fort dosent have to have 5 doors for every person, to get it sure one guy can own it and open it but what if he leave for the day? The rest of you are locked in or out so you can’t do anything, unless you want to bust the door down. Second real window instead of putting doors in your window, actual window panes so you can see out but can be shot it the face by some bandit for looking outside. Third most likely going to be in already but a way for you to move your placed structures incase your expanding you house or you misclicked.Fourth perhaps a sniper rifle of some description of sorts, or just maybe a telescopic scope attachment for your guns? Epic LaZor pointer sniper pistol anyone? Anyway thats all my ideas for now.

I think random NPC survivors that are incredibly tough appear randomly in a certain zone that serve as a boss and can drop really good loot.

Item: Scanning Alarms. simple.

Adding it to the list five, traps just walking along then all of a sudden BAM! Bear trap mother f***** give bleed and slow perfect for ambushes