Not that anyone should choose to care, but after playing Rust for a good while, I figured I could lay down some ideas I have for the game in general. I know this game is still in Alpha, don’t bash me.

  1. Connect/Disconnect counter. For example, “XxXl33tSn1p0rxXx” is constantly connecting and disconnecting. Say that there would be a new system where the counter watches how often you log in and out. Since “XxXl33tSn1p0rxXx” has connected let’s say, 5 times in 5 minutes, we should see a ban on that account. Now, shit happens, you may actually be getting bad connection, but I feel like the pro’s outweigh the cons on this one.

  2. IP bans. If “XxXl33tSn1p0rxXx” continues to be a general threat to everyone enjoyment of the game, rather than account bans, let’s see an IP ban. This would prevent the same person just creating another account. An account ban is only a minor inconvenience for “XxXl33tSn1p0rxXx”, not a very great punishment.

  3. Construction Zones. The only areas that I feel that need this are the loot spawns around warehouses and sheds not built by players. It takes away a certain aspect of the game whenever i come up to a loot spawn as a bambi, hoping to get a p250 or radiation pills or something along that effect, only to see it has been iron door-ed off or walled off. Maybe I’m just being a pansy there, but that’s what I feel.

  4. Stat tracker. One day, after slaughtering what seemed to be hundreds of bears in a row, I grew curious as to how many bears I had actually killed! Maybe we could get a breakdown of bears killed, players saved from near death, foundations lain, or miles walked. Just a suggestion.

  5. Chat channels. There are some situations where I wish to type something to someone or to a group, but don’t wish for others to see what I am about to type. I know the chat channels in the DayZ mod were effective.

Again, i know the game is still in Alpha. Keep that in mind if you choose to leave an opinion. I look forward to playing this game more and seeing the changes that Garry makes along the way!

So is he gonna pay another $50.00 for a game he got banned for lag spikes?

No they don’t. If trying to play a game with really bad connection earns you a ban, you might as well not buy the game.

So if one person is better at the game than the other, the other one can request a ban on the first person because his enjoyment was ruined? If that’s what you mean, then no, it would be a terrible idea.

I agree with this one. Maybe instead of not allowing to build around item spawns, we should be allowed to only use wooden doors and wooden barricades only?

I agree with this too. I’ve came across a lot of wolves and bears, and having some kind of stat page to show off the size of my internet dick would be good.

“/msg (Name of player) (Your message)” is what you should write in the chat if you want to message only one player.

IP bans do not work OP, not everyone has a static IP so you can just reset your modem and rejoin.