Good day all!

I think there should be a new radtown in rust some sort of military base with top tier equipment. Maybe military graded guns like an actual prober assault rifle or a bolt action sniper that dosnt have the rusty feeling but is really freakin rare as well as custome bullets. Of course you might b thinking “wtf?? That isn’t op at all dumb fuck” if you are one of the people that say that I agree but this military base would have sentries guarding the prober loot and would also be the entry to the main military tunnel. Any way on to air drops. Air drops should have custome parashouts such as a building plan or a first aid kit so you know what you are fighting for. A PvE event hat can happen is about 3 to 5 military NPC’s can payroll the military radtown and around the map of cours killin them will give you most of there cloths and guns these guns would be the top end guns and the at our will also be as well these men / women will not shoot burlap basic clothed and nakeds I will give unarmed players food water and some cloths a small chance of a well. Maybe a knife of some sort they will also check your body, if seen with a bow gun or weapon they will open fire if seen with armour the sniper in the group will take a few shots at you that’s all cya!

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Please ignore the spelling mistake the frame rate drop on iPods is amazing

They are working on new radtowns/dungeons and hopefully will be added soon.