i always kinda wanted a tool that brings dead stuff back to life. speaking of dead stuff it would be cool to have the zombie master zombies for gmod. and can someone make a gmod mod based on avatar?

I like this idea, even tough its pretty much useless.

This should probably go the Models/Skins Request Section.

Again, I dont think that this is the right place for a request like that. You could make a seperate thread to the LUA Requests Section or the Gamemode Requests Section, depending on what style this “mod” would be.

This isn’t really possible, seeing as when you kill an NPC in Gmod/source the NPC is actually removed, and a ragdoll spawned in its place.

I guess you could have a tool that removes the ragdoll and replaces it with an NPC, but you’d have to define each ragdoll you wanted in the code and it would be ropey at best.

The shamblers are just reskins of normal zombies and banshees are reskins of fast zombies and hulks are deformed models of the poison zombie.