IDED Construction Server 12Slot 24/7 *Friendly*

Hey Peeps,
My server is nothing special no amazing new gamemodes or anything but I thought I would put it up for those of you out there who like me hate people messing up your construction work by spawning a turret or smashing you with a prop for no reason.

IDED Construction Server 12Slot 24/7
Connection Details:
Gamemode: Sandbox (Build and Battle)
Addons: Phx, Wire, Advanced Dup, Fin Tool, Weight, Advanced Spawner, Connas Tools, GCombat 09.
Maps: GM_construct_flatgrass_v5 (available on
Rules: Be friendly and respectful of others, you can do prop wars but only if arranged with the other player first! Don’t mess with or destroy other peoples work unless they ok it.
Any rules violations will result in temp/perm ban, we want to keep our server friendly and helpful so you can learn from each other and have fun without being pestered

Connection Details
Port: 27015
Or paste this into your address bar and press enter

We are looking for admins to help with keeping the server clean and friendly and if you are around regularly and show that you are a mature and well mannered player a position will be offered to you so please don’t pester me for admin rights it will just result in me kicking or banning you for being immature.

P.s. if there are mods you would like added please message me with the details of the mod the reason for why I should include it and any server where I can go to see it already working/experience the benefits.

I’m joining now, will reply and say how it was.

Oh and OP, you can make the steam link clickable by using [ /url] tags.
Like this steam://connect/


It says “Server is not responding” ?

Most likely he shut it down.

Yeah but still, seems kinda weird not editing the OP.


Oh and awesome, you’re from Denmark. :respek:


Nope, he didn’t shut it down
Just changed the IP address.

[editline]08:33PM[/editline] is the new IP

Perhaps he forgot about this thread since no one has posted anything before now, more than a week after he made it.

And yeah, im from Denmark.

Ah, that explains it, the IP got changed and he forgot about this thread, again, most likely because no one has joined.


There we go.


Well, I’m off to play for a bit there, I’ll tell ya if it was enjoyable or absolute shit.


My mind is full of fuck.

The banner shows it fine, but I can’t connect to it.
And it’s the same IP Address.

Will most likely be quite boring, as there are no one else there as far as i can see.
I will go there in a few minutes.

Oh and your avatar is kinda creepy :v:
In an awesome way.
Like Cthulhu.


Yeah, I’m probably just gonna leave it as it is, and see if he responds back.

Its a beholder, beholders are awesome. :cool:

And i quite doubt he does, but you never know.


What is that from?


That looks nothing like yours :v:

Those are some age old pictures they got there.

[/offtopic discussion about beholders]

But this irritates me, because right now I can’t find any decent build server located in UK or Europe.

Yeah i know right? There’s barely any good build servers at all, and in the few i have found so far i get so damn high ping its almost impossible to actually play there.

Most are located in the US anyway.

And I came here in Server Advertisement with my hopes up.
Only to be let down :frown:

The front page is filled with shitty “revolutionizing” Dark RP servers. :rolleyes:

Yeah, unfortunately pretty much all the servers advertised here are DarkRP servers.
Sometimes i just make run a server off my own machine instead, but its damned annoying to have to do that kind of thing.

Sorry for the updates had some issues with the hosting company and ended up having to change hosts completely (dont ever use ukgame the support team will close your server for disagreeing with them).
I have now got the server up and running on GTXGaming and I apologise I only got it fully working again at aboput 3am (GMT-0) last night so yes you would have had issue joining.
Please try again now and you will find it works fine.
As its a UK based server it is quite during the working hours of 9-5 but after that normally me and around 2-6 other people play on it from 7pm till 1-2am in the morning outside of that its down to you to find your own people to bring with you.

Beholders from dnd and ancient mythology it also features in many games in varied forms, but like the watch dog of the demon world, I have to say it is an impressive avatar.

I apologise the website is not looking its best at the moment I’m still in the proccess of designing it and once thats done I will merge it into my asp based website system which will then allow me to easily update and control the site and hopefully some of the in game functionailty but we will see how much time I can dedicate to this as I’m also in the proccess of moving to a new home and its my old mans 60th this weekend so I gotta go to the eden project with my finacee for the day to celebrate so I might only get the basics up over the next few days then you’ll have to wait for the big update which will happen after I move house but we will see.

Still feel free to contact me on steam IDemon is the name :smiley: or msn (do not email that address as I do NOT pick up mail for it EVER!)

If there are any specific mods etc you want let me know and they will be put to a vote then to testing and if all works out they go live.

Please ensure you read the rules on the motd to prevent getting banned as its my server and if people disturb my enjoyment of the game or that of my servers users I have no issues providing complimentary perma bans to all infringers.

Does it use the same IP address as before?


Download link for map:

Connection link is on first post and all info will be on the following site eventually but it has the monitor and news so if you need to know what going on check the website.
I will improve it soon as stated previously

Okay, I just went on the server.
I like it, it got some good addons, and you spawn with no weapons. I love that, because then people can’t shoot at you and annoy you.
And it haves Exsto woop


Also, your steam name doesn’t work.

It tells me that you haven’t set up your profile yet.

Yep I have lol, please try ided2010 that might work better sorry always give ingame name instead hard to remeber its the account not the display name that you need.