Idin Productions Machinima

Hello. I am starting a new machinima group. IPM. Idin Productions Machinima. We will be making all kinds of machinima at IPM. We need actors, directors, builders, and I need a co-manager as well. If you want to join, please post a picture of what you can do, and a brief discription of you. Thanks.

(And darius_bielecki, I’m serious about this group.)

dmgaina, what group number is this one? lol

Number 53

It’s always better to start a film group if you actually made something before and you should start it with some friends and not some random people.

Are you the ideas guy?

Sure. Everyone can make new ideas in the group though.

You say that in like every thread. Have a funny

Mhh, sounds good, I’d can be an actor, and, I think, a guy with a french accent could be cool on a machinima (I’m french)

I speak quite good english don’t worry^^

Post a clip for us to see then :v

Thank you kind sir

Have a polite/nice/friendly