Idiot and The Briefcase

Add some water or something, make it look like an area near the coast.
Can’t find anything actual bad, nice job.


The quality is horrible.

I turned
Anti Alias x4
Texture Very high
Model Very high

Don’t whine please.

Still looks horrible.


It’s my first that i put here, why you have to be so mean?

I just told what I tought.

That spit most be radioactive blueness involve…

is it meant to be bad posing(no offence) cos the first shot isn’t so great

Uh oh

i don’t get it…

This is seriously bad, and here’s why;
Horrible posing
Ridiculous faceposing
Not funny.
Bloom raep.
And the text is also very bad.


I was expecting Timeroller to appear any second…

How can i delete this post

dude we are criticizing your post…if you can’t handle that,gtfo…it’s that simple
and that being your first pose,it being a “quickie” or anything else you said is not an excuse…if it’s bad,it’s bad.

(User was banned for this post (""gtfo"" - Uberslug))

If you can’t take some goddamn C&C, don’t post in the first place. And don’t call me retarded, because, obviously it’s you for posting this piece of shit.

Whoa that’s “horrible” posing

PS: Striker is my friend, i teached him lua and stuff.

This is Facepunchs way to give constructive critisicm, They know is one of your first poses, and they are saying whats wrong with them so you dont make the same mistake twice.

Try posing more and when you feel you are getting better post again, so We can tell you whats wrong with them and you can improve your skills again, and so on.

Also try using a Editing program to edit your pictures… Judging by the letters was it on Microsoft word or paint the editing? lol…

Sorry if i made any spelling issues.