Idiots of Gary's Mod

NOTE: I’m NOT the Creator!

Here’s the Link for the 1st one:

Just go on related videos for the others, or just look on the video maker’s other vids.
Some of the are pretty funny ^^.

Old as hell and not made by you… I really wish you’re trolling.

Oh Lawdy. Just a bit late.

Being the official Garry’s Mod forum, we have never seen this video these past two years. Thanks for showing us.

Are we going back in time again? I so can’t wait for this game called HL1 to be released.

Fuck that shit, look what just came out!

Truly a marvel of technology, what with the pixel shading.

Dude, I can play Solitaire with shadows on medium with that thing!

I’d suggest you to check the release dates sometimes

Shit man that’s wicked. I wonder what game it has.

Wow… you guys already took all the good jokes! Little late dude.

Fuck that. I’ve got one of these high tech pieces of gaming equipment