Idle kicker

Ok im going to get strait to the point, for some reason there is this idle kicker,I think maybe in ULX, that kicks people after 1200 seconds of being idle. My clan has a Dark RP server (DarkRP 2.3.7). and for some reason this auto kicker kicks players who are clearly not idle and we do not know how to fix it, seeing as it is a lua file that needs editing i posted it here if anyone could tell us how to remove it, or edit it we would be Very grateful.

You could check the Player with “Entity.GetPos” and create a Timer. And if a Pos changes the Timer will get Reset. I Hope you understand… My english is not good Today. (lol)

lol i guess if i looked it up but i really just need to take it out
we have admins to kick people idle i just need to take out the auto idle kicker

Uh, if you want that we do it for you, post it in the request Forum

How about anti-afk?

ok i tried the anti-afk it works great but, there is something overwriting it im not sure if it ulx, ulib, or our DarkRP, if anyone is willing to help look deeper into this and find out what i need to remove i would be Very appreciative ive been working and looking all day today

It was written on top of ULib specifically for ULX… what exactly is the problem you’re having with it?

ok after scanning the complete ulib folders and ulx folders i decided to scan the whole ASSmod folders it ws a very annoying plugin in ASSmod so i have the idle kicker fixed but now im stuck on the protection where i am unallowed to use crate tool on spawned guns and need help

lol im sooo relieved now we can finally let the clients have fun without idle kicker messing it up.

I’m having trouble understanding what you’re talking about. Please try rephrasing the question while including as much information as you can about what the problem is and what you’ve done to try to fix it.

in Ass mod
there are downloadable plug ins i think that there is a prop protection on spawned weapons and entities, also it comes on the doors in the server

Turn off the prop protection in ASSMod or remove it completely, since you already have ULX.

thank you problem solved thanks for the help it was in the ASSmod plugins