IED Against Their Own

Friendly Fire, in this case I’m all for it!

Now, before you look at the picture… I tried to do my own explosion. Using the gravel colours of the ground, and some other things… I don’t think I have it down in the slightest… but… I can say I tried! lol.

I feel like it doesnt have much depth… It feels superposed but it is an awesome try.
I have tried myself and failed.

The colors are fine and texture of the explosion itself are fine tho.

Looks quite good. Picture is rather small though and that IED is tiny - looks more like a little pipe-bomb or something.

That guy’s leg is absolutely huge too.

Doesn’t really seem like an IED…I can picture an antlion or an arachnid claw chopping the guy’s leg

Originally I was going to make it a bunker buster… but that would of been an explosion from the top area… and… I don’t think the guys leg would of came off for that, lol.

Aye, I kind of wanted to make the explosion… seem close up, while people were a little further back but still got affected by the shockwave/shrapnel.

I’m surprised that the explosion is semi fine(according to you two XD). o.O

Looks nice

The faceposing on the guy on the left needs work. Maybe needs a bit more effects and editing to make them seem they’re actually flying, and that there was an actual explosion. Looks like they’re hopping away from a clod of dust and the guy on the left just happened to have his leg fall off.

Just wanted to say something, the guy on the left made me lol because of his leg.


Also the one on the face has a weird face and the one on the right looks like he’s high.

I thought they would start flying when I saw the pic




Not bad at all, yeah explosions from scratch are tough to do.

Racist! No white people anywhere. Nice explosion try.

Have you ever been or seen a IED go off?

There isn’t any effects like in holywood, it’s soil and shit from the ground, shockwaves, etc.

Your logic isn’t that good sir. I agree on the debris/more part.