IEDs, Scrap mines, Punji Pits, and the like

was told to cross post this idea to the forums:

So I was thinking about this in game last night. I really, really want to increase the security of my home. One of the things i was thinking as being able to combine cloth and explosives (C4, Grenades, Gunpowder) in to explosive home defenses.
I was thinking the combos would be something like 3 cloth 1 C4 = a trip mine and it has to be placed on a door. Same with the grenades. Additionally, something like 10 Metal Scraps and a C4 could make a landmine.
As a counter measure, if a player is moving crouched, they can detect these mines and defuse them, and as a result get some nifty bonus items for raiding.
Forgive me if this has been suggested before, I did the search and couldn’t find anything relevant. I figure this would be a neat solution for making homes more secure, and make raiding them more challenging/ exciting.

developing it further to fit more with Rust’s aestetic: what about IEDs and nail/scrap metal flechette mines as models. much more rudimentary (fits with the primitive feel of Rust) and accomplishes the same effect.
Also, Punji Pits and other makeshift traps could be crafted with wood, making them cheap and easy for temporary deterents (for when you go to lunch or bed or something)

I don’t know about the specific balancing of the materials needed to craft but I know the developers want to greatly increase the amount of ways for you to defend yourself, i’d be surprised if something like what you suggested wasn’t on their to-do list sometime in the future.

yeah. the way i see it, a spike pit would cost something like 30 wood (15 for the spikes, 10 for the cover, 5 for the misc. mechanisms of the trap) etc.