If 1 video could completely summarize DarkRP in every way.

I think I have it right here:

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Please tell me this is satire.

Sadly this is true.

Someone try and find a video on youtube, it’s called the gmod rap which is sung by a 10 year old on my very very old server.


It does seem like a satire.

Yeah i got scared of him singing too lol.

Someone needs to make RP Raps. Would be entertaining to listen too if it wasn’t by a ten year old.

That’s the exact one.

Oh those where the days. Back when I was 12 that was a fun server.

Well yeah, that sounded really funny lol.

I just stick either my Friends BuildRP or Dark RP.

They usually don’t get trolled.

Well, on most generic darkrp servers this is what happens.

Dark RP
10% RP
50% Raids
20% Calling for the admin
20% Mingebags and Trolls

The kids not that bad

Same goes for PERP.