If a lua file is in autorun do you still need to add it in your init.lua?

Trying to get an npc to add to spawn menu…everything directory wise seems to be where it should be but in the spawn menu it doesn’t show up. I’m almost certain it is because I need to either add it or include it to my init file but I am not sure. Advise?

EDIT: Got it on the menu but it says, “Sorry, you can’t spawn this NPC” …

I was basically putting a modified NPC into my gamemode. When it was in garry’smod/addons, it worked. When I moved it to my gamemode folder and tried to put it in the my lua, it gives me that server permission (you can’t spawn this) but I never put any permissions in my code that I can recall. Any advice?

It will display that message when that NPC doesn’t exist on server but does exist on client.

So just have a copy of the Lua file on the server dir? I knowing I’m referencing it in my init but not in the server dir (I think)

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I have copied the lua files for the addon into the server directory but I still gives me the same error message. (restarted Gmod as well)

I’ve noticed there is no resource lua or anything that uses resource.Addfile command… do I need to add that to my init file ? (how was it working when it was in addons, gmod does adds those by default I’m assuming?)

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EDIT : When I host a multiplayer game and try to spawn the npc it says I’ve hit the NPC limit (yet I can immediately spawn a different npc)