"If anybody is still out there, please respond!" or "More generic shit from The Combine"

Rate and comment please.

Lovely colours, good lighting. The poses are too relaxed though and the gaps in the zombie pile bug me.

Filled all the gaps.

Those spotlights in the back are a nice touch.

What happened to Bill standing there with two M60’s? :saddowns:



I love everything but the muzzleflashes.

Your generic shit is great btw.

Much better

muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better

pew pew epw pew pepwepw pew pew

Jeff and Annie?

The muzzleflashes could use a little bit of work, and some of the posing looks a bit wonky but this is overall wonderful. Good job.

I suddenly want to edit this. Original, please?

The muzzleflashes are a bit pants (not sure I can say why - I’m quite out of touch with Gmod editing lately) and the posing looks floppy but the rest is pretty awesome.

First off all, thanks for encouraging me :buddy:
Yeah the posing on the right dude may be a bit too calm and the lighting is a bit wonky in some places!
Thanks for commenting everybody!

I love the lighting.


Ah, I really love this one for some reason!

Tank looks like he’s trying to bite that zombies head.

Lighting is fabulous. Posing could be more dramatic on the soldiers and the muzzleflashes could have more…erm, shape? Otherwise, very nice stuff here!