If anyone can help ill be grateful.

hey everyone hope everyone is having fun with is FUCKING amazing game but i need help.

Ok first off is befor this recent down time downloading all the shit and loading in was about 2-3 mins give or take, but now its taking like 7 mins to load,
is it just becoz of the server issus, ddos or could it be my end?

second, when i play on my desktop i can ever move the mouse away from the game screen it start making chrome go crazy but when i play on
my GFs laptop its fine (witch is only 2 mouths old but was a basic laptop for simple people :P) i kown this is my computer is there anything anyone can think of too help?

last of all, i have a alright computer i can play most 2010-2012 games on mid graphics and it plays fine but rust on lowest and i turn off grass still runs a little slow
for my liking agian is there anything anyone can think of or is there othere codes that i can turn things to help it run better.

If u made it this far thank you.

sorry is one othere thing just quicky is AUS II down?


(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

The servers are “SAID” to be getting DDosed. Once this issue is resolved you will no longer have that loading problem. The reason you’re blocked at the loading screen is because the game server isn’t letting you in, hense the DDos accusations and what not. As for your mouse and FPS problems, I don’t think there is much I can do for you there, sorry.