If anyone needs a forum...

If anyone needs a forum, i’d be happy to set one up for you for free. Of course, I wont be able to pay for domain hosting, but I can get the actual forum hosted and working for free. If you have your own hosting (including MySql database), its probably better, if not I will use Zymic (which is a pretty decent free web host)

Disk space 5000MB
Data transfer (Monthly) 50000MB
These specs are fairly decent, and are more than enough for a small-medium community. I would be happy to setup for either size.

Just to make it clear, I am not selling web hosting, I am simply offering to start you up with a forum and help manage it, be it for your game server’s community or other website. The reason I am offering is because it will be a small project for me to run and gain experience from.

Forum will be phpBB, we can discuss more later.

PM me if your interested

What space/transfer per month?

Disk space 5000MB
Data transfer (Monthly) 50000MB

Just to make it clear i’m not selling hosting, i’m using a free webhost to make you a free forum to your liking. Its more of a project for me, thats why i’m doing it

So you’re going to a place like forumer.com and setting up a forum for someone? :raise: can’t everyone do that?

Yes, but he is offering it :downs:

It’s called being kind :wink:

It’s something I do for friends too, I set them up a forum just because I enjoy helping them.


Interesting, I could use with some help with setting up a forum on my web server.

No…forumer.com is NOT how people setup forums properly. I mean I will set you up with a phpbb forum, for free. It can be quite tough or time consuming if you don’t know what your doing :slight_smile:
If your interested, the offer is still here.

can u set me up with a vbulletin forum for free plz

vbulletin costs money and does the same job as phpbb.

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Sure, just ask

Vbulletin is more secure than phpbb.

Secure in what way? If you mean passwords etc., isn’t it down to the database?

You have no idea what your doing, do you? There are hundreds of sites that do this already.

If you read upwards a little way, I said places like that on the internet are not the proper way of doing things. They put restrictions on what you can do, and some put their own logos on your forum. You think any good forums were made using a free service like that? No.

And this is what you get for trying to do something nice on facepunch, just criticism.

Facepunch is full of assholes. Go cry about it. We all learned it at some point. And if you wanted to do things properly, you go buy a domain and webhosting service. Even free ones can do do this. My old one could install phpbb in one click. If we get it from you, its a huge security risk, as you can kill it off if you get irritated.

You just called yourself an asshole?
I refuse to argue with someone with you, no one is forcing you to take my offer up.
Unlike you, I am not a self proclaimed asshole, and would not kill it off.
Ah well, one day you might mature.

What? The majority of Facepunch IS made up of assholes. And you say you wont kill it off. What if someone insults you? At your age, I’m sure the slightest insult would change your mind about that.
Good day sir.

It’s like explaining to a brick wall. You called yourself an asshole, you’re still an asshole whether or not the rest of facepunch is.
And you know my age do you? Go on then, smartass. How old am I?
Hint: the date under the avatar does not reflect the users age.

I think it’s nice of you to offer your services, somewhat pointless, but nice all the same. :slight_smile: