If command ran then ban the user

Hi, I recently had my rcon password breached so I wanted to make it if anyone types “rcon_password” in console
it instantly bans them from the server using ULX or FAdmin.

I understand little of coding, sorry about that.

Please help!

I don’t believe you can detect engine created concommands from Lua, however this solution would be as lazy as can be. You should probably ask yourself how they got the rcon password so they can’t do it again, or better yet don’t use rcon.

Why not just change the rcon password?

I did change the rcon but I want it too be 100% safe.

So if they did try again it would ban them.

What if someone has a bind that they accidentally press? Also you aren’t in any way safer for banning people who run the command, what if they tried to rcon from a third party application? Or even the rcon webapp provided by Garry himself?

Tldr: don’t do it, its a stupid and pointless idea.

Well I’m gonna close this then…Thanks I guess.