If could change one thing about Garry's Mod, what would you change?

As the title says.
For me, Definitely the server browser, changing could spotlight other gamemodes.

The way constraints work, winches are very fucking weak and should have a wiremod version.

inb4 20 people below me say server browser :godzing:

server browser

memes aside, I’d probably change the rating to R 18+, and make purchasing it require parents permission.

Therefor make it only purchasable in a store.

Or have a “diet Garry’s Mod” just for kiddies

That restriction is such a smart idea

It won’t happen but I’d like access to a lot of the core functions in Source.

I’d being back that cool loading screen when joining servers

Changing the building way. making it more easy, etc

Use Squirrel instead of Lua.

I like it.

The workshop, all cancer gone, and no addon using paint ms or random image as icon

the developers

I believe that already exists!

Change the programming language to “Chef” or “Brainfuck”. Look them up if you dont know what they are.

Brainfuck? Meh, that’s for wimps. Real programmers use INTERCAL.

What the fuck is this : DO :1 <- ‘.2~.1’¢"’“¥’#65535¢.2’”~"#0¢#65535"’~’“¥’#65535¢.1’”~"#0¢#65535"’" :scream:

I know this is lame but I wish Gmod had better shadows and lighting

Like when I build a shack out of congregated metal or whatever it could be totally enclosed but everything’s still light


Map size. Give aircraft a point, make it fun to drive fast vehicles, room for players to spread out, etc.

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I still use the old server browser, which thankfully has a button on the menu to pull up. Better than what we’ve got and I nostalgia when seeing it besides.

Proper multicore rendering. Instead of just clientside, have it serverside.