If current "stable" branch is discontinued, release the server files please?

Just like the topic says… How about releasing the server files for the old branch now that it’s being rebooted?
I don’t think anyone finds it very appealing to pay for rented servers of a pre-release alpha game on a version that isn’t even being updated anymore…

Also, what is the deal with server files in the future anyway? Are there going to be server files availible at all, or is Gary being paid by the server host companies not to release them?

The only explanation I’ve heard for them not being released before were some flimsy reasoning that it would make it even easier for hackers to target the game… Riiight…

At the Full Release of Rust, the old Branch for sure will be deleted. Also, if you don’t find very appealing to pay for a Rented Server with a game in Early Alpha then don’t do it. It’s your decision to support or not a Gameserver Development for your community, etc.

At the Full Release of Rust, the old Branch for sure will not be deleted.

… or is Gary demanding payment for being able to host servers so that he has a extra income stream to pay for further development ? (If there was a bet going on ‘why’ then this is where my money would go)