If Garry's mod was more cinematic (Trailer)

The video has been removed during to many critics

It honestly doesn’t look like you worked hard on it at all.

And I don’t understand the title.

If DarkRp was more cinematic

oh god your steam username is DESTINY

so edgy

btw this trailer is stupid and has nothing to do with gmod

I did not enjoy this.

Very funny.

So you put some NPCs in a room with red lighting?

Very cinematic.

Sorry if you dind’t like or something but yes like i said this is too the first time in sony and yes and practice makes succes so yes im trying to get more better and better.

I wouldn’t upload first time videos, just keep working on it as you’ll gain experience in stuff like this.

Yeah, I appreciate you’re trying to improve at things, but it’s a better idea to not post it here.

Wow this is amasing 10/10 would watch again

thanks Jocke

I made a video a long time ago and it might help you getting ideas and ways to improve, inspiration!
The music is very important, especially with the cinematography (camera angles, where and “when”).
Filters might be good even in small configuration if you make a good work at the suggestions above.
cinematic can be like: Epic, sad, simple emotional, adventure feelings, etc.

The video with a small demonstration how cinematicism can look like:

You can use the SharpEye add-on, it gives you great settings for your mouse such as mouse smoothing. And it’s even better when you use it for slow motion scenes:

The combine turrets are facing the wrong way. . .